A close up of the gluten free IKEA style meatballs with the sauce over the top
Form New Skincare Habits - A green bottle with a black pump on top lying next to a pink flower on a white wood background
Overnight Cake In A Jar - A jar with layers of cereal, yoghurt and apple.
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Hi, and welcome to my blog! I’m Carly, a 34 year old Mum living in a little seaside town in Essex with my other half, 2 kids and our dog. I actually don’t use this as a blog anymore and changed all my social media accounts to cover my photography journey. You can find me at www.instagram.com/cjphotos_essex

My blogging started its life as a dieting Instagram account and my blog was somewhere to keep my recipes. I then found out that I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome; a chronic condition that causes joint pain along with other issues. One of them being food intolerance’s. My main intolerance is Gluten so this has changed my diet in a big way. My recipes now reflect this and I try to make sure they are adaptable to be both gluten and dairy free.

My blog is here to cover all aspects of my life: Healthy Food, Beauty and Makeup, Health (mental and physical) and of course, Family.

So come, follow my ramblings, check out my recipes and whatever else may take your fancy!

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