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    Things To Do With The Kids In January

    I hate January. Everyone (myself included) is grumpy, bored and skint. You don’t really feel like doing anything apart from hibernating but the kids just won’t let you. Apparently they need to be fed and entertained! So, things to do with the kids in January, apart from trying to get them to hibernate with you…. It’s a tough one really. The weather is mostly crap and as already stated, everyone is skint. And if you’ve seen one of my latest posts then you’ll know I’m having a No Spend January. Which is great as I’ll save money but I also have bored kids. I’m quite lucky as my two love…

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    The First Year Of High School – Completed It Mate

    The first year of high school for my daughter is now over. She was counting down the days and it makes me wonder, how did other children find their first year? For us, it’s been a shock to the system. My girl loved school. Primary was an absolute breeze for her. She’s always been a shy kid. Selective mutism was part of our life. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s basically a child choosing who they speak to/infornt of. Usually it’s adults who get the silent treatment. I had spoken to her school and all of her teachers through the years as the same comment always came up…. “She…

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    The Toddler Years – One Perfect Week

    If you’ve not previously read my The Toddler Years Series then click here and get up to speed! I’ve decided to add to the series this week as quite frankly, I need to vent. I found this series to be a safe space for toddler parents. A place we could call our kids arseholes and no one would bat an eyelid. So I’ve called this post “One Perfect Week” as I’m amazed that we’ve done one! Yes, my toddler was good for a whole week! *Takes a bow with a smug grin on her face* But of course, it was short lived… One Perfect Week The adults in our house…

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    My Soft Play Mum Guilt

    I will start by saying, a lot of parents will probably hate me for this post. To most, soft play is a hell hole of colourful equipment and screaming children, with bright lighting and terrible coffee. I do actually agree with that but at the same time I have an overwhelming sense of ” Soft Play Mum Guilt”…. Because….. I can’t take my pre-schooler on my own. “Oh boo!” “What an absolute shame!” I hear the parents out there cry. It genuinely does sadden me though. Because of the issues I have with my back and mobility, I just can’t physically do it on my own. (Read more about my back…

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    The Toddler Years – Not How I Planned It

    Hello again! Welcome to another edition of The Toddler Years. I’ve really enjoyed this series and this is going to be the penultimate one…. For now anyway. You can go back and read the previous ones by clicking HERE and following the links back. But anyway, today we have a post from Cici who blogs over at https://themostrewardinglife.com so go and check her out. Cici is a Mum to 4 but has 2 toddlers! She’s one brave and incredible lady in my eyes. Not How I Planned It It’s currently 6:25 am as I’m writing this. Not while you’re reading this I’m sure, though. Why am I up writing so early?…

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    The Toddler Years – Plastic Tat

    Welcome to another edition of the Toddler Years Series! If you haven’t read these posts before, where have you been? Don’t worry though, you can read the previous one here. This week’s post is written by the lovely Jo from A Rose Tinted World. She writes about parenting, lifestyle and sewing over at her blog http://www.arosetintedworld.co.uk. Go check her out! But that’s enough from me…. Plastic Tat I met one of my oldest friends last week who is also a toddler mum. Invariably, the conversation came around to the Christmas question. What were her two children getting (10 and nearly 4)? ‘Plastic Tat’ was the acidic response. Now, I wasn’t…

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    The Toddler Years – I Wrote A Post…. Forgot The Title

    So this week’s guest writer isn’t actually a blogger at all….. He’s my long suffering other half! Scott and I met nearly 5 years ago and though our darling toddler was sort of planned… He wasn’t meant to come along quite as soon as he did. You can find Scott on Twitter @Jackabyte if you want to mainly read Man United updates. So let’s read about The Toddler Years from Mr Bloggs himself…. I wrote a post…. Forgot the title Our delightful bundle of dictatorship is almost 3. Part of me is impressed I have successfully helped to raise a child this far; I was useless with Tamagotchis! The other…

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    The Toddler Years – An Open Letter To My Mini Dictator

    Hello again! Welcome back to my blog series – The Toddler Years. You can read the opening post to this series here to find out what it’s all about. Today I have a guest post from the amazing Shan from shanelliswilliams.com This incredible lady is powered by coffee beans and you should definitely go check out her story. She’s an amazing Mum and a fantastic human being. I don’t feel like I need to tell you any more, here’s Shan’s post. An Open Letter To My Mini Dictator Dear son, Take five. A little breather and a sit down. Just for a moment, stop what you’re doing, your toys don’t need to be…

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    Summer Holiday Fun

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a post in Kiddies, mainly because we never really get up to anything overly interesting but it’s the summer so I thought I’d better make some Summer Holiday Fun! Last week I had the week off work which was lovely but it is hard to keep 2 kids of completely different ages entertained on a budget. So here’s a little diary of what we’ve been up to. Monday was rainy and windy (a typical start to the summer holidays!) so we had a day at home and watched a film (The Greatest Showman to be exact). Tuesday, we couldn’t quite decide what to…

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    Banana Bars

    This isn’t my usual kind of recipe as it’s a baby led weaning one. Most of my recipes are child friendly and don’t contain any nasties but these literally contain 2 ingredients so are perfect for little fingers.