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    Sugar & Sloth Tiny Party Club Subscription Box

    Well, a few posts ago I told you guys I was ending my Glossybox subscription and had signed up to something completely different! Well, this is it. I am now a member of the Sugar & Sloth Tiny Party Club! For someone who wears a lot of black, I absolutely love the Japanese culture of Kawaii. Which literally means “cute”, “lovely” or “adorable”. I have always been a big fan of Japanese culture and it’s the one place I have on my travel bucket list. I’m not really fussed about anywhere else! I discovered Sugar & Sloth on Instagram a few months ago and instantly fell in love with the…

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    December 18 Glossybox Review

    I thought I’d better get this review in before the New Year! And before January’s box gets sent out. I missed doing November’s review as I just never got round to it. There were so many other ideas running around my little head that Glossybox took a bit of a backseat. I managed to get some nice photography of the products this month so I really wanted to post them! There were also some really nice products in the box this month. The box itself was beautiful. A red and gold theme with “All That Glitters” on the lid. It definitely felt Christmasy and even more so when I realised…

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    September 18 Glossybox Review

    I can’t believe we’re at the end of September already! Where is this year going? September is of course “back to school” month so the September 18 Glossybox theme follows that. The items are handbag and beauty essentials that can help you get back on track and into the school run routine again. I really like this month’s box, it was nice to have such a mix of products. Here’s what was in it: We’ll go left to right this month and start with… Grow Gorgeous – Scalp Detox We’re actually starting with the product I like the least. It’s like a scrub for your scalp, designed to remove impurities…

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    August Glossybox ’18 Review

    It’s that time of the month again: The August Glossybox time! I’ve managed to get through the products quite quickly this month. The main reason being, it was mainly makeup and the 2nd reason being, I didn’t try some of it. So the theme this month was ‘Pride’. It was of course Brighton Pride this month and I think it was a great theme for this month’s Glossybox. The special edition box looked great! The multicolour, paint splashed, rainbow lid looks beautiful. The inside looks just as good with the rainbow dots on the ribbon. Everything about the theme was fantastic, it’s a shame about some of the products. Let’s…

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    July 18 Glossybox Review

    It’s that time again, another Glossybox review! We’re now over halfway through the year, seriously, where has time gone?? We’ve had one of the hottest July’s on record and it has been glorious! But because of this, I have decided I’m going to go live in the sea and become a mermaid… This month’s Glossybox will help me do just that! The Beach theme for this month’s box is spot on! The box itself is absolutely beautiful with its ocean colours and reflective water look. Unfortunately my box was a little worse for wear in one corner but I think I managed to disguise it for photos. The contents this…

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    June 2018 Glossybox Review

    I decided not to do a reveal this month as I have quite a few beauty products to post about as it is and I am struggling to find the time to write up posts. It hasn’t taken me long to make way through the products though so here’s my review for this month! For anyone who doesn’t know about Glossybox, it’s a monthly subscription box that comes through the post and contains 5 different beauty products. It’s a great way of trying things you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself and it’s only £10. We have the pink box again this month which is as beautiful as ever. This colour just…

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    May Glossybox Review

    This month was a special edition box and it was SO pretty! I keep all the special edition boxes so I’m sure this one will find a new home as something else at some point. This box was definitely a pamper one which was really nice, I actually had to take time out to try some of the products rather than fitting them in to my usual daily routine like a normally would. So let’s just have a recap on what was in the box: I’ve got to admit, I do feel a little bit cheated this month as there were technically 5 products and an “Extra treat” I feel…

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    May Glossybox Reveal

    It feels like forever since I received my last Glossybox, I think it’s because the last one came early and I managed to use all the products pretty much straight away which makes a change! This month is a special edition box and it is just beautiful!

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    April Glossybox Review

    I really do love receiving my Glossybox each month, you get such a variation of products to try and some of them you wouldn’t pick up yourself in store. This month was very much a makeup filled box which I always manage to use pretty quickly so it hasn’t taken long for me to review the items really.

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    April Glossybox Reveal

    I’ve been getting Glossyboxes for a whole year! It’s my blog’s birthday this month and one of the first posts I done was a Glossybox review: https://afterbabyblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/24/my-first-glossybox/ I’ve loved getting these boxes and I’ve tried so many products that I would have never picked up myself! This month I had my first ever repeat though which is disappointing though.