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What Is Wicca? A Quick Guide From A New Witch

What is Wicca? The quick answer is modern day witchcraft but the long answer is far more complex. It’s a religion first off. From one of the oldest at that: Paganism. Though Wicca is a relatively new thing (1930s), Paganism pre-dates Christianity. Many traditions we have today actually come from from Pagan/Wiccan traditions. Have you ever thought why you have a tree in your house at Yule Time? Easter eggs? Or carving pumpkins at Halloween? Just Halloween as a holiday full stop? Yep, they’re all traditions from this religion.

Wiccan’s worship, or work with two main figures; a female Goddess and a male God. They don’t have a particular form though and are seen as symbols rather than physical or supernatural beings. They can be viewed as whatever deities an individual feels is right for them. A lot of Wiccan practices go off of what feels right. Wiccans also worship nature and the elements. Using herbs and crystals in rituals and to decorate their homes for different celebrations. Remember what I said about the Christmas Tree? At Yule time, evergreen trees and branches were brought inside to decorate the house.

What is Wicca? A pictiure of a full moon against the black sky

There are eight Wiccan celebrations throughout the year which coincide with the change of the seasons (solstice and equinox) and the mid seasons. They are tied to the lunar cycles, which also play a big part when it comes to Wiccan practices. Each of these eight festivals hold a different meaning and are celebrated in different ways. But one thing that draws me to them, is most are celebrated with food! Traditionally, the foods that are in season at that time. As well as lots of bread and cakes! Gluten free for me of course!

You can find more information about the festival’s and the Wheel of the Year over at
But I have done a quick rundown of each one and which traditions we still have!

  • Imbolc – Spring cleaning
  • Ostara – Easter bunny, eggs and hot cross buns.
  • Beltane – Many wedding traditions, like “tying the knot”
  • Litha – Midsummer.
  • Lammas – The first harvest.
  • Mabon – The second harvest and Thanksgiving.
  • Samhain (Halloween) – The final harvest and rememberence of the dead.
  • Yule – Evergreens (trees), mistletoe and Holly. Feasting and gift giving.

Wicca has been practiced underground (as such) for many years. A lot of witches being too scared to announce their beliefs due to persecution. We’ve all heard of the Salem Witch Trials, it was a real thing! Witchcraft has long been associated with the devil. The harmless pentagram symbol being flipped on its head and portrayed as something evil. In reality, Wicca is harmless. Yes spells are a part of it, but no good witch would cast a hex or a curse. Wiccans believe that whatever you put out into the world, will come back to you in three. So, you put something good out into the world, good will come back. You put a curse out and you will receive that back threefold! No one wants that!

What is Wicca? Some different crystals placed on top of a black notebook with a gold pentagram symbol on it.

There’s still so much more I could tell you. But I feel that if you are interested by the end of this then doing your own research is more beneficial. You will find the right path for you to follow and the prctices that suit.

So what is Wicca to me?

I’ve had an interest in the occult since I was a young teenager. I did have a book of spells and was a practising witch. It all stopped after an accident with flames…. No one was hurt in the process apart from my carpet… And me when I had to tell my Mum. Though I stopped, it never left me. I’ve always been a bit more alternative and I like having something to believe in. I do believe in science and the Big Bang but there’s also things in the world that can’t be explained. Have you ever felt or seen a presence you can’t explain? I have. Many times. Have you ever had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right? Like a sixth sense.

This is where the occult side draws me in. I do have premonitions at times and I’m an empath; taking on feelings from the people and environment around me.

It all got restarted just over a year ago when my Mum (funnily enough) bought me a Crystal set for Christmas. I’d never really looked into crystals before but I started and well…. I ended up in a rabbit hole really. I started reading more and ended up back on the path to Wicca. I’m still in the reading stage but I have started my Book of Shadows again (A witches’ Bible). There’s pages on crystals, moon phases and the Wheel of the Year.

What is Wicca? Tarot cards layed out with Justice on top.

I have also started divination with tarot cards. My sister bought me a deck for my birthday this year. Already, I’ve had a couple of spot on readings which has really built my confidence. It’s Ostara today (20th March) and I’ve done a Spring reading for my sister as well as myself today. Divination is different practices that involve a witches’ psychic ability. You will know it as palmistry, runes, crystal ball reading and things like that. Divination is another thing you will be drawn to. You will just feel like one is right for you!

So what is Wicca? It’s something to believe in. It’s calming and I always feel at peace when doing anything around it. I am going to start practicing again at some point. I need to get a few bits and pieces and make an altar first though. A place to practice safely to ensure no more burnt carpets! I want to start doing spells to bring luck and fortune to myself and others around me.

What are your thoughts in Magik? Are you surprised about the traditions? Let me know in the comments below.

Blessed be.

What is Wicca? Find out more by reading my blog post! From the point of view of a beginner witch
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  • Lynn Mejia

    How interesting! When I was a teenager, I was definitely interesting in witchcraft. I too find it fascinating, especially to read about! So cool that you got back into it. I’m actually re-watching Buffy right now and I’m at the point in the series where they show more witchcraft. Thanks for sharing xx

    Lynn |

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