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    Mini Egg Cookie Bar – An Easter Treat

    I’ve been meaning to write up a Cookie Bar recipe for ages. It’s based on one of my older recipes and I’ve actually made a few now! This means I know the recipe works and it works well. I decided to give it an Easter twist by making a Mini Egg Cookie Bar. So as I said, this is based on one of my older recipes. The Thumb Print Biscuits to be exact. The base biscuit is vegan friendly if you use the right margarine. So you can easily switch out the Mini Eggs for a vegan alternative if needed. My version is of course Gluten Free too. Not that…

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    Simple Tomato And Basil Soup Recipe

    October is here and so is the winter weather. Is it just me or do we seem to have gone from summer straight into winter? We’ve just skipped autumn this year. Or with the way this year is going, maybe autumn will come in December? Either way, it’s cold and miserable so that means it’s time for my favourite food…. Soup! I decided to keep it classic today and make a simple tomato and basil soup. I couldn’t find any fresh basil in the shops which was a little annoying but dried worked just fine. One day I really would like my own little herb garden but my dog would…

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    Gluten Free, Vegan Thumbprint Biscuits With Lemon Curd

    Another week, another recipe! I wouldn’t usually do 2 similar posts one week after the other but I HAD to share this recipe with you guys. I have already given it out to one of my Insta friends who also made these gorgeous gluten free, vegan thumbprint biscuits and given me feedback on how good they are. I always worry about posting recipes just in case they’re not as good as I think they are. I’ve used recipes from books before and been really disappointed at how bland the flavour was and I think that’s what triggers my worries. But anyway’s…. My lovely work colleague brought in a jar of…

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    Mexican Chilli Bean Soup

    I’ve recently tried a supermarket’s own tinned Mexican Chilli Bean Soup and my first thought was “I can make this better”. Actually, I’ve tried a couple from different supermarkets. Some containing chicken too. They were OK but I was more shocked when I read the ingredients on the tins. The amount of salt is shocking and one even contained hydrogenated fats….. Why?! Why does soup contain man made fat! There’s just no need for it. And a good soup shouldn’t need ridiculous amounts of salt either. I prefer a thicker soup to a watery, stock based one so my recipe for Mexican Bean Soup is done in two parts. The…

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    Roasted Sweet Red Pepper And Tomato Risotto

    I love a rice dish! They’re perfect for any time of the year and always guaranteed to fill a hungry tummy. This particular recipe is vegan, gluten free and dairy free but doesn’t compromise on taste whatsoever! I’m not even vegetarian but I would like to try a few more veggie/vegan recipes this year. I really enjoy a good veg based meal so there’s no reason to have meat every day. It also reduces calories so win win really! Risotto is one of my favourite rice dishes and speaking of meat, you can find my chicken and bacon risotto recipe here. Ingredients (Serves a family of 4) 2 large sweet,…

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    E’lifexir – The Miracle Cream To Solve All Our Body Woes?

    I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to beauty products making bold claims as I’ve not had the greatest experiences in the past: “Gradual Tan = look like you’ve dragged a teabag down your limbs!” These creams and gels don’t actually claim to be miracle workers but with name like “Flat Tummy” and “Body Lift” I know people would get excited and expect them to be! E’lifexir promote themselves as the “Next Generation of Natural Body Care Products” with 99% of their ingredients being totally natural. They are vegan friendly and contain no nasties, are also hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. I was asked which of…

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    Homemade Salsa

    We love Mexican food in our house and one thing we always have to have is salsa. The shop bought stuff is nice but it’s nothing compared to a proper homemade salsa! This tastes unbelievably fresh and adds a really nice twist to tacos or fajitas. The first time I made this my daughter said she didn’t want to try it until the sauce was there. I think someone was a little too used to shop bought! She tried it though and that was it, she was hooked. I barely ever buy salsa now, this is cheaper and far tastier.

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    Chunky Vegetable Soup

    The weather has turned, the days are shorter and it’s definitely feeling like winter already! That can only mean one thing, it’s soup season!!! There’s nothing better than a bowl of soup on a crappy day and my favourite has always been a tomato based, vegetable one so here’s my Chunky Vegetable Soup creation. You can use any vegetables you fancy really so just see what’s in the cupboard! Root vegetables tend to work best but it’s all about trial and error. I find the Chunky Vegetable Soup is really filling. It keeps me going for the whole afternoon and it’s super healthy too!