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    Having A Colposcopy – The 2nd Stage Of Cervical Screening

    Having a Colposcopy is the second part of this mini series. If you haven’t read Cervical Screening – Why You Need To Go yet then pop over there first and come back to this one. But just to recap: I had my routine Smear, PAP test, Cervical Screen, whatever you want to call it. The tests showed positive for HPV and evidence of abnormal cells. The letter that comes through the post sounds terrifying! Your brain automatically goes “You have cancer!”, though the likelihood is actually relatively small. After doing some googling and talking to some of my friends, I was a lot less worried. For once, Google wasn’t the…

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    Cervical Screening – Why You Need To Go

    You may have seen a couple of weeks ago on Instagram I posted about my Cervical Screening Test. Well I got my results through yesterday and I’ve decided to share it with you all. The reason for this is because I want people to realise just how important it is. Hopefully by sharing my experience it may get someone else to go. And it may even save a life. Less and less women are going for their routine screenings which mean more women are dying from an easily curable cancer. This is going to be a 2 part post but you will find out why further down. So. The Smear,…

  • An Open Letter To The Girl On The Bench
    My Diary

    An Open Letter To The Girl On The Bench

    You could only have been 19. Sat outside the shops on the bench next to me, pouring your heart out to who I can only presume is your Dad. Saying he doesn’t care but it’s clear that he does; he’s there and he’s listening, letting your snarky remarks bounce off him like rain. By the sounds of it, you’re blinded by love. We’ve all been there but sometimes we get caught up wearing those rose tinted glasses and the outside world doesn’t see what we do; the outside world sees it clearly. Your Dad is desperately trying to talk some sense into you, to get you to leave him; the…

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    The Codeine Comedown

    It’s been a while since I done an update on my back so I thought I’d do one to cover the last month or so. Just to update anyone who hasn’t read the previous posts, at the beginning of the year I slipped a disc (well a few) in the bottom of my spine, as I do around once a year. I ended up spending a week in hospital unable to walk, had a month off work, was on crutches and painkillered up to the eyeballs on Codeine, Morphine, Diazipam, Gabapentin and other fun named drugs. Basically, I broke and you can read about what has happened previously┬áHere and Here.…

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    10 Ways To Feel Better in Yourself

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week and as two thirds of people experience some sort of mental health issue in their lifetime I thought I’d do a little post about 10 ways to feel better in yourself. I myself have experienced anxiety and depression, I’ve also done a little bit of training in counselling and I like to think I’m in a good place mentally now so these are tips that I use personally if I’m having an off day. Just remember- it’s ok not to be ok. Here’s my top 10 ways to feel better in yourself. 1. Get Enough Sleep Everyone says it but getting 7-8 hours…