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    Healthy Doner Kebab

    Healthy Doner Kebab – Not really words you tend to hear together. But it is possible! I used to quite enjoy a dirty doner after a night out but the diet life put a stop to that… Shortly followed by the Gluten Free life. You just can’t guarantee what’s in one of those huge, rotary lamb slabs. But I’m guessing it’s about 95% fat and the rest is probably breadcrumbs. Even if I could eat gluten, the amount of fat dripping from them now puts me off anyway. I’m just not a fan of proper greasy food any more. It always made me feel rubbish and I refuse to let…

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    Chicken Mayonnaise Pasta Salad

    Summer is nearly upon us again… Well it should be but the weather has still been a bit naff! I’m sure this time last year I had the start of a golden tan. But anyway, summer means salads for me. There’s nothing better than nice crisp vegetables when it’s warm out. My only issue is, salad alone just doesn’t fill me up. Which is why I love this Chicken Mayonnaise Pasta Salad. It’s a good mix of stodgy carbs and tasty veggies. I tend to have it with some crispy lettuce leaves too. Mine is made with gluten free pasta but you can make it with normal stuff. Due to…

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    Healthier Lemon and Coriander Hummus

    It’s probably the wrong time of the year to be making a new hummus recipe but I had some while I was away at the weekend and got a real taste for it again. I was on holiday though so keeping an eye on the calories I was consuming had gone out the window. This meant, I needed to make a lower calorie, low fat version of course! I can guarantee I will keep tweaking this recipe as I always do. I thought I’d share it though as this makes such a tasty lunch or snack! You will need a blender of some description to make this. Ingredients 1 Tin…

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    5 Healthy Lunches You Need To Have This Week

    This is a bit of a recap post; looking back at some of my favourite, healthy lunches that are perfect  for taking to work! Just make sure you write your name on your lunchbox so no one can use that excuse when they steal it from the staffroom fridge. These recipes are best made the night before and some do keep for a few days so actually, they’ll last for more than one lunchtime. We’ll start with my absolute favourite and the one I personally make for lunch (and snacks) the most often. Curry Loaf This is so unbelievably easy to make as long as you find the right ingredients.…

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    Katsu Curry

    I’ve been meaning to make my own Katsu Curry sauce for ages! I have had Katsu since being gluten free but it was a shop bought one from Tesco. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful but at £3 for 1 meal it’s a bit on the expensive side! This version works out really cheap in comparison and it served 2 adults and a toddler. A toddler who I never expected to touch his dinner, especially not the sauce. But he did, and had extra sauce! I was more than happy to share mine with him given it’s vegetable based! I make mine gluten free by using gluten free bread…

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    Creamy Chicken Pasta

    I normally try making recipes at least twice before I post them on my blog but I had quite a few requests on all my social media accounts for this Creamy Chicken Pasta. It was quite simple to make and it came out really well so there’s no point holding out to make it a second time. Everyone in my house thouroughly enjoyed this and it’s definitely going to be something I make regularly as it’s not much effort to make which is right up my street these days! This does require a slow cooker but it’s not a recipe you can leave all day as it doesn’t take long…

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    Campfire Pasta

    This is one of those recipes that I threw together with the scrapings in the fridge on the off chance it might work. It turned out to be one of the best pasta dishes I’ve made in ages so I’m REALLY glad I wrote it all down as I went along! Campfire Pasta is based on an old slimming classic called Campfire Stew which I have made a lot in the past. Both dishes are simple but pack in loads of flavour! I made mine gluten free but you can of course change it and use the normal ingredients. Ingredients (Serves 4) 1 Onion 1 Pepper 4 slices of smoked…

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    Sloppy Joes

    I will probably have American’s say that I’ve ruined their classic dish here but I like it, and it’s healthy! It was actually Mr’s fault I made this recipe, I had some 5% fat mince that I didn’t really know what to do with and we didn’t fancy Bolognese or Chilli again. He googled “recipes using mince” and one of the things that came up was Sloppy Joes. I checked the recipe and realised I could make that to suit my diet! I have used gluten free worcestershire sauce and a gluten free roll for mine but of course these can made using proper worcestershire sauce and a wheat roll. Ingredients (Serves 4) 500g…

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    Tomato and Chorizo Pasta

    This was such a tasty dinner! Even the toddler demolished a bowl full and he’s in that horrible picky stage where he will only eat breaded chicken and pasta and screams if there’s any vegetable lumps. He won’t even eat chips! So this has the toddler stamp of approval so it must be pretty good.

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    Why I’m Ditching The Diet

    Well hello again and welcome to my new look blog, isn’t it pretty! As you will notice, all my old posts are still here but there have been a few edits that you may notice if you look close enough. I have taken a massive step and I’m moving away from “diet culture” and promoting a company that I have had internal battles with for a while now. Before you run to my Instagram page and click the Unfollow button please take the time to read this and try to understand where I’m coming from and actually, where I want to go now. It all started last year….. *dreamy music…