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Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I posted but I’d like to get back to it again. I thought I’d kick it all back off with a quick life update.

You may have seen my post about going through a Colposcopy, the 2nd stage of Cervical Cancer screening. Well, I was diagnosed with early stage Cervical Cancer but luckily my 2nd LLETZ procedure came back all clear!

Surprisingly, this didn’t actually hit me as hard as I thought it would. I knew that it was caught early enough that it hadn’t had chance to spread. The worst procedure I’d have to go through would be a hysterectomy but I didn’t even have to go that far. This is why it’s so important to go for your smears. Catching it early means less intrusive procedures and of course, means you won’t die!

Life Update - A booklet on Understanding Cervical Cancer

I can now have an elective hysterectomy which will stop the cancer returning but I’m looking into this a bit more. What’s putting me off is the recovery time to be honest. I’d have to have at least a month off work and financially, this just isn’t viable at the moment. Yearly smears are my best option for now and I know that any bad cells will be picked up ASAP.

That’s not the only diagnosis I’ve had though.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know about my back issues. I spent a week in hospital a couple of years ago when I was unable to stand due to a slipped disc. I’ve had issues with back problems for years and have always put all my pains down to it.

My pain has gradually got worse over the years and I finally went to the doctors around April time. I got sent to a Musculoskeletal specialist first off and also got referred to Rheumatology.
Hip and knee xrays were done as well as an MRI on my knees and multiple blood tests. I heard nothing for months and then randomly got asked to go for more xrays in August.

It turned out that I have a stress fracture in my left hip! Nothing can be done but it explained more of my pains.

I went back to the GP and explained that I’m getting worse, I’d still not heard back from the musculoskeletal team or had an appointment with Rheumatology and now I was having excruciating pains in my hands too.

This seemed to light a fire as I soon received a letter from Rheumatology as well as the Carpal Tunnel clinic for my hands.

The rheumatoid consultant basically gave me a diagnosis there and then. It’s definitely not rheumatoid arthritis – it’s Hypermobility Syndrome.

Life Update - Carly doing a "thread the needle" yoga pose, in a weird, tangled looking way.

I’ve always been very flexible and even when my joints hurt, I’m able to bend them in ways they probably shouldn’t! Well years of doing these bendy things has now resulted in stiffness and gives off the same symptoms as Arthritis. It is also the reason I’m so clumsy and quite possibly the reason I’ve broken my hip! Hypermobile people are more prone to falls, dislocations and fractures (but not normal fractures like fingers and toes).

I was sent for more tests such as a DEXA scan (bone density test looking for Osteoporosis), more blood tests and an Ultra Sound on my hands (to check for other possible arthritic conditions).

I’ve had a string of hospital appointments recently, even having 2 in 1 day!

My appointment with the Carpal Tunnel specialist resulted in me having a steroid injection in my wrist there and then. For a couple of days it was really painful but it’s eased dramatically now! I will eventually have an operation for this too but I’ll hold off for as long as I can. It’s a shame they can’t do the carpal and the hysterectomy in one go!

I still have aches in my wrists and knuckles but after having the ultra sound, it’s just down to the hypermobility. There were no signs of arthritis which is a bonus.

The DEXA scan also came back fine so this has taken a weight off my mind. I still can’t explain how or when I would have broken my hip but at least I know my bones aren’t crumbling.

Life Update - Carly with one hand on her hip,smiling awkwardly stood in front of a garden fence with a vest top on that says "Out of Office"

I’ve been put on a different lot of painkillers and I’ll have another appointment with the Rheumatology department in another few months but I’m glad I finally have answers.

All of my symptoms, from the constant tiredness to my aching joints can be put down to the Hypermobility Syndrome. There is nothing that can be done and I just have to live with it but at least I know I’m not crazy.

There’s been even more personal things going on too but there’s a few reasons I can’t/won’t make these public. I’ve suffered from insomnia throughout everything too. Been put on antidepressants to help me sleep, then taken back off them again. I’m now back on a form of them again but for pain relief, not depression.

It’s genuinely been one of the hardest years I’ve had to deal with. But, I think I’ve dealt with it all pretty well. I’ve maintained a positive outlook on life and I feel like I’m in such a good place mentally.

I needed some time off from blogging and social media just to make time for me. This will continue to some extent but I’ve missed writing and recipe developing. It’s time for me to come back and start doing what I love again.

It’s good to be back!

Life Update - Why I've had a social media and blogging break #Cancer #Hypermobility
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