• My Diary

    A Quick Life Update From Me

    Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I posted but I’d like to get back to it again. I thought I’d kick it all back off with a quick life update. You may have seen my post about going through a Colposcopy, the 2nd stage of Cervical Cancer screening. Well, I was diagnosed with early stage Cervical Cancer but luckily my 2nd LLETZ procedure came back all clear! Surprisingly, this didn’t actually hit me as hard as I thought it would. I knew that it was caught early enough that it hadn’t had chance to spread. The worst procedure I’d have to go through would be a hysterectomy but I…

  • Kids

    The Toddler Years – I Wrote A Post…. Forgot The Title

    So this week’s guest writer isn’t actually a blogger at all….. He’s my long suffering other half! Scott and I met nearly 5 years ago and though our darling toddler was sort of planned… He wasn’t meant to come along quite as soon as he did. You can find Scott on Twitter @Jackabyte if you want to mainly read Man United updates. So let’s read about The Toddler Years from Mr Bloggs himself…. I wrote a post…. Forgot the title Our delightful bundle of dictatorship is almost 3. Part of me is impressed I have successfully helped to raise a child this far; I was useless with Tamagotchis! The other…

  • My Diary

    The New (Unwanted) Me

    If you follow me on Instagram or have seen my previous post, you will be aware that I spent a week in hospital at the end of January thanks to slipped discs in my spine. Well this is a bit of an update/getting things off my chest post relating to that. If you want to read the back story of what happened you can find it HERE I’ve now been out of hospital for well over a month and I’m still struggling a lot. I left hospital still barely able to walk and the pain was quite literally uncontrollable.

  • My Diary

    Is Age Just A Number?

    “Happy Birthday to me!” Yes, today is my 31st Birthday….. 31….. younger me would have said I am now old. I suppose in a way I am but I don’t really feel old and they do say that age is just a number, is that true though?