5 Beauty Tips I Would Give To My Daughter

Everyone has their own beauty routines and tips and tricks. There are particular ones I have that I feel like I should share. My Mum shared beauty tips with me and these are the 5 beauty tips I would give to my daughter.

I’m sure she probably won’t listen but I’m pretty sure I didn’t listen to my mum either! It’s only as you get older that you realise she was right.

1) Always remove mascara in an upwards motion.

This is a tip my mum gave to me. It apparently reduces black circles and is kinder the the gentle under eye skin, reducing the chance of developing wrinkles. I have done some Google research on this and actually I can find no scientific evidence that this is a thing. When I done beauty at college we always got taught to remove eye makeup using a cotton pad on the bottom lid too though.

I believe there’s a little bit of truth to this so I’ll stick with it. It’s definitely never done me any harm anyway!

2) You’re never too young to moisturise.

Moisturiser is your best friend. Make it a part of your routine early on and it will keep your skin looking great for years to come. This applies to both body and face!
I have used an anti-aging face cream from quite a young age but I’m certain it’s my secret to minimal wrinkles! The one I use is in this post, along with some of my other favourites.

My skincare routine has got a lot longer as I’ve got older. It now consists of at least 6 steps but I’d recommend at least a good cleanse, tone and moisturise!

5 Beauty tips I would give my daughter - a compact mirror open with a set of tweezers and a box with MAgic Brows written on it.

3) Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows.

Fashion changes but good eyebrows will always be on trend. They’re easy to pluck, not so easy to grow back – another thing my Mum taught me. I’m sure pencil thin eyebrows will make a comeback at some point and I’m so glad I never joined in with that trend.
To be fair, I’ve always been a bit scared of ruining the natural shape of my eyebrows so I’ve never really done anything with them. I’ve had them waxed twice and had pretty bad experiences so I refuse to do that any more. Threading seems to be the way forward for me. They go with the natural shape and just tidy them up really.

4) ALWAYS remove your makeup properly!

There have been many times I have been to bed with either a full face to half a face of makeup still on. It’s no surprise I had bad skin when I was younger! Makeup will get into your pores and it will cause spots. Remove it at the end of the day and you reduce the likelihood of a flare up. Pretty simple stuff but it’s surprising how many people still don’t take note!

5 beauty tips I would give to my daughter - an eyeshadow palette open with 3 brushes perched on the edge and a compact with "I woke up like this" written on the top.

5) Clean your brushes!

The only times I have ever had eye infections has been when I’ve let other people do my makeup. I suppose the tip should be, don’t let other people do your makeup but I think it should be more focused on the cleanliness. Your brushes should be cleaned every week in an ideal world but at least make sure they are done once a month. If you do ever use your brushes on someone else then clean them asap to stop any cross-contamination. Warm soapy water is perfect for doing the job. They usually dry naturally by the following day and are ready to use again.

So that’s my 5 beauty tips I would give to my daughter but what are yours? Is there anything you’d add?

5 Beauty Tips I Would Give To My Daughter - not that she'll listen of course! #Beauty #Skincare #Makeup
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