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    What Is Wicca? A Quick Guide From A New Witch

    What is Wicca? The quick answer is modern day witchcraft but the long answer is far more complex. It’s a religion first off. From one of the oldest at that: Paganism. Though Wicca is a relatively new thing (1930s), Paganism pre-dates Christianity. Many traditions we have today actually come from from Pagan/Wiccan traditions. Have you ever thought why you have a tree in your house at Yule Time? Easter eggs? Or carving pumpkins at Halloween? Just Halloween as a holiday full stop? Yep, they’re all traditions from this religion. Wiccan’s worship, or work with two main figures; a female Goddess and a male God. They don’t have a particular form…

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    Covid-19 – An Open Letter To Everyone

    To whoever reads this. Covid-19 (Corona Virus) is a little hard to ignore right now. It’s not something we ever thought was possible, it’s a movie plot! Nothing seems real at the moment. Every morning I wake up and for those first few seconds I’ve forgotten what’s going on in the world. It’s bliss. I soon remember though and that sinking feeling creeps back in. I live in an area that hasn’t been hit properly by it yet. But it’s coming this way. I’m sure it won’t be long before the local hospital announces its first cases and sadly, first deaths. Mostly, I’m a positive person but even I’m a…