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    CBD And Me – Herbaleyes Flowers Review

    As you may have seen on Instagram I’ve been using a different type of CBD lately. I tried using the drops which I posted about here. Though they take the edge off, they’re not enough relief for my condition. I got into contact with Herbaleyes about what could possibly work for me. Stuart has been AMAZING in helping me and I’ve been lucky enough to try a few different things now. The main thing I’ve been using is Herbaleyes Flowers. Now, these won’t be for everyone but I wanted to stop some of the stigma around it. To anyone looking at these, you will see cannabis. It looks the same,…

  • My Diary

    CBD And Me – Herts Hemp CBD Oil

    My Instagram feed has mentioned CBD quite a lot recently. I was using it in vape form before lock down happened and then due to that, I couldn’t get any juice from my normal supplier. I didn’t actually realise quite how much it was doing for me though. My pain flare ups have increased quite considerably since we went into lock down unfortunately. I was looking at some different options when the lovely people at Herts Hemp offered me a trial of their CBD oil. Disclaimer – Herts Hemp gifted me their products, all thoughts and feelings are my own and in no way influenced by the company. I’ve tried…