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CBD And Me – Herbaleyes Flowers Review

As you may have seen on Instagram I’ve been using a different type of CBD lately. I tried using the drops which I posted about here. Though they take the edge off, they’re not enough relief for my condition. I got into contact with Herbaleyes about what could possibly work for me. Stuart has been AMAZING in helping me and I’ve been lucky enough to try a few different things now.

The main thing I’ve been using is Herbaleyes Flowers. Now, these won’t be for everyone but I wanted to stop some of the stigma around it. To anyone looking at these, you will see cannabis. It looks the same, smells the same and you use it the same way. There is a couple of differences though. Number 1 is, it doesn’t contain THC. THC is the component of cannabis that “gets you high”. This is also what makes cannabis illegal. Number 2 is the fact it’s completely legal!

Herbaleyes Flowers - 4 small jars with one on it's side and a bud tumbling out

Herbaleyes Flowers come from the Hemp plant, a strain of cannabis plant. Hemp has been used for thousands of years for pretty much everything! From cloth to medicinal uses and an important source of fibre in ancient Chinese diets. It’s a very versatile plant. CBD is becoming more and more popular these days; In skincare, makeup and once again in medicine. More people are realising it’s benefits.

The Herbaleyes Flowers come in different strains and strengths. This of course means they have different effects too. Now, over the last 6 months or so, I’ve tried many. I would totally advise speaking to Stuart who is so knowledgeable about what he sells. But for now I’ll tell you a little bit about how smoking flowers has helped me.

I suffer from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome which means I have constant pain in some or all of my joints. There are good days and absolutely horrific days that leave me confined to the sofa. I can handle most of the average pains but sleeping was always a bit problematic. There was a stage last summer where insomnia was a big part of my life. I was of course put on medication. A mix of antidepressants (a lot of them make you drowsy) and codeine. Which worked well for knocking me out! But if you’ve ever taken codeine then you’ll know the horrible side effects it can have!

A small jar with a twine bow on it's side wit Herbaleyes Flowers falling out

There are new NICE guidelines coming out and I know a lot of people will struggle to get opioid based medications. But honestly, after you’ve been taking them for X amount of time, they stop working. Opioids only work for acute pain, they are for short term use and instant relief. If they’ve stopped working then the only choice is to go for a higher dosage (you will REALLY struggle to do that!). OR try coming off of them completely. Whatever you do, never go cold turkey. I made that mistake once, you can read about that here.

I started smoking Herbaleyes flowers at the beginning of lock down back in March. Codeine has taken a backseat in my life since. Due to pain, I decided to take one last week and wish I hadn’t. I actually had heart palpitations and couldn’t sleep!

Herbaleyes flowers on a wooden crate with an open jar behind it

I bought a couple of pre-rolled to begin with. Given I wasn’t really sure what it would do, I thought this was the best way to go. I now have a whole tin of bits, different strains and roll my own. I used to smoke and was quite used to rolling so it came back to me easily. Smoking gets the CBD into my system quick enough for instant relief. I usually have one just before bed and it knocks me out for the night. My pain levels have been a lot lower since I started using Herbaleyes flowers too. I still have bad days but I’ve not had days where I feel like my skin is on fire.

I don’t smoke every day, just when I feel like I need to. Though, I still don’t smoke it during the day due to the smell. As much as I want the stigma of CBD use to disappear, my boss wouldn’t take too kindly to me rocking up at work smelling like weed. Because of this, I am looking for something to use during the day.

Another strain of Herbaleyes flowers on a dark wood crate with the open jar behind it.

I do have another product from Herbaleyes that I recommend to everyone. Pain Balm is fantastic for use on certain areas. Thanks to my condition, I suffer with Carpal Tunnel and I use the Pain Balm for that. I am well overdue a steroid injection in my wrist but I don’t feel like I need one. The balm just calms it down.

Pain Balm - a blue pot with a silver lid

Go checkout Herbaleyes and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. That link is an affiliate one so I will earn a small amount of commission from any sales made. But if you know me, you’ll know I NEVER do affiliate links as I wouldn’t push a product I don’t believe in 100%. I think that shows how much I believe in Herbaleyes.

Herbaleyes Flowers review - CBD flowers are the way forward!
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