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    Cinderella At The Mercury Theatre Colchester

    I’ve had a tough week this week, just to top off my year. Though the tree and decorations are up, I haven’t felt very Christmasy yet. I was invited to go and see a local panto – Cinderella at the Mercury Theatre Colchester. This was a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t realise at the time how much I would need this in my life! Unfortunately, my Gran passed away on Thursday 5th December and though we made some lovely memories in her final few days, my Christmas spirit has been dampened slightly. I was offered 4 tickets to go and see Cinderella and I chose to take Mr…

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    Frugal Family Days Out That Everyone Will Enjoy

    Frugal family days out can be hard to do. Ones that entertain the whole family can be even harder! We’re a family of 4 with an age gap of eight and a half years between the two children. Trying to find days out that a pre-teen and a toddler will both enjoy is always a bit of a challenge. The other issue is the expense. Everything seems to cost a small fortune these days. A day out can easily cost £150+ when you include entrance fees and feeding the little blighters! We like to make the most of our weekends together but we haven’t got the money to be doing…