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    Mini Egg Cookie Bar – An Easter Treat

    I’ve been meaning to write up a Cookie Bar recipe for ages. It’s based on one of my older recipes and I’ve actually made a few now! This means I know the recipe works and it works well. I decided to give it an Easter twist by making a Mini Egg Cookie Bar. So as I said, this is based on one of my older recipes. The Thumb Print Biscuits to be exact. The base biscuit is vegan friendly if you use the right margarine. So you can easily switch out the Mini Eggs for a vegan alternative if needed. My version is of course Gluten Free too. Not that…

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    Gluten Free, Vegan Thumbprint Biscuits With Lemon Curd

    Another week, another recipe! I wouldn’t usually do 2 similar posts one week after the other but I HAD to share this recipe with you guys. I have already given it out to one of my Insta friends who also made these gorgeous gluten free, vegan thumbprint biscuits and given me feedback on how good they are. I always worry about posting recipes just in case they’re not as good as I think they are. I’ve used recipes from books before and been really disappointed at how bland the flavour was and I think that’s what triggers my worries. But anyway’s…. My lovely work colleague brought in a jar of…