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    Lemon Drizzle Baked Oats

    Lemon Drizzle Baked Oats are another combination that I love! Another day, another baked oats recipe. I have so many different combinations for these now but I only share the best ones. I always make them a couple of times before I post just to ensure they’re good! What are your favourite combinations? If Lemon Drizzle Baked Oats don’t quite take your fancy why not try Melt In The Middle Baked Oats or Caramel Apple Baked Oats

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    Easy Peasy Spaghetti Bolognese

    Spaghetti Bolognese is a family classic and everyone has their own way of doing it. I love mine filled with veg and because it’s chopped up quite small even the toddler eats it without much fuss. Easy Peasy Spaghetti Bolognese really is just that though. Once upon a time my Bolognese would have been made with sauce from a jar. This way is just as easy though and far healthier! There’s no added salt and there’s so much veg in it. I have my Easy Peasy Spaghetti Bolognese with gluten free pasta and the Bolognese is naturally gluten free. I also enjoy having it with courgetti (spiralised courgette) that’s been…

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    Caramel Apple Baked Oats

    Caramel Apple Baked Oats are the perfect autumnal breakfast. Filling and tasty too. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times, I love baked oats! I did go off of them for a while as I was eating them so often. Now though, I’m back on them, just not as often. I decided to go seasonal with them today as it is caramel apple season! I forgot how much I liked cooked apple too, there’s something really homely about it and it just reminds me of apple pie. These Caramel Apple Baked Oats were so tasty and a nice way to sneak a bit of fruit in first…

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    Chocolate Scan Bran Cake

    Scan Bran is a Swedish crisp bread, a little bit like Ryvita but harder. I’ve been sent a load to join in with the Scan Bran Challenge and see how it can help aid weightloss. My slimming group went mad for the stuff last year and we had the biggest losses as a group my consultant had ever seen. My favourite way of using it was as a cake so it was the first one I had to try. Scan Bran is available from Amazon or Holland & Barrett and probably the most fibrous thing you will ever eat!

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    Homemade Salsa

    We love Mexican food in our house and one thing we always have to have is salsa. The shop bought stuff is nice but it’s nothing compared to a proper homemade salsa! This tastes unbelievably fresh and adds a really nice twist to tacos or fajitas. The first time I made this my daughter said she didn’t want to try it until the sauce was there. I think someone was a little too used to shop bought! She tried it though and that was it, she was hooked. I barely ever buy salsa now, this is cheaper and far tastier.

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    Slow Cooker Herby Chicken

    Slow Cooker Herby Chicken was a complete experiment that turned out to be one of those much loved recipes! I love my slow cooker and not just during the winter. I decided to have a look through my recipe books to create some new recipes to do in it. This is quite simple but really tasty and makes life so much easier on the days I have work. All I need to do is cook some pasta and serve it up. You could have it with anything though as it’s almost a casserole type dish.

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    Black Forest Baked Oats

    Baked Oats are an old favourite of mine. Mainly because you can play with the flavours of them so easily. Black Forest Baked oats are definitely in my top 3 favourites. It reminds me of being little, though it doesn’t quite beat a proper gateaux. I went off them for a long time because I ate them so often. I don’t tend to have the time to make them as often these days though. Which means they’re actually a treat. I use Gluten Free oats to make mine but what oats you use makes no difference. Just as long as it’s not Ready Brek! I have shared so many flavour…

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    SP Survival Guide

    I love a Slimming World SP day but I can only do 3 or 4 days before I need some pasta or potatoes in my life so I tend to incorporate them as an odd day during the weeks I need an extra boost. For one of my modelling days once, I lost 4lb in 4 days so I could fit into 1 particular dress a little better. I have had times where it doesn’t work as well but 9 out of 10 times, it gives me the loss I need.

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    Curry Loaf

    Curry Loaf is by far one of the best things I make! Even if I do say so myself. It’s so simple, only uses a few ingredients and it makes enough to last all week. I have mine with salad for lunch or just on its own as a snack when I’m feeling peckish. To make this gluten free you have to check the ingredients. It’s mainly always the rice that you need to check. I used to use the cheapest possible one I could find. Unfortunately, they contain wheat so do be careful.

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    Greggs Style Sausage & Bean Bake

    Greggs style Sausage & Bean Bake is a healthier version of a much loved classic! The dieting world has gone mad for “pasty’s” lately and they are bloody lovely so I can understand why!! The humble wrap has become a pastry replacement for slimmers across the country and while in town this morning, smelling the sausage rolls as I was walking past Greggs I wondered what other goodies I could try…. Of course! There’s no reason I can’t make a Greggs Style Sausage & Bean Bake! I have now gone gluten free so I now have even more reason to make things like this as I can’t eat Gregg’s. I…