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    Mexican Rice

    This is something I used to cook way before I started “dieting” and now it seems every time I have it on the menu we end up with a takeaway! Tonight, I finally managed to cook it again and I forgot how good it is for a simple, 1 pan dish. It’s a great way of using up wrinkly veg too as you can chuck whatever you fancy in it. You can also make it vegetarian, which I have done many times before, by simply removing the chicken. Also, you can make it as spicy or mild as you like, as with pretty much all my recipes, this is child…

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    Carrot & Sweet Potato Cakes

    I’ve decided this month I’m going to go as gluten free as I can to see if it helps my stomach at all. My niece has Coeliac disease and it’s supposed to run in the family, I’ve had stomach upsets for years but I always put it down to a bad diet, it’s been a lot better since I changed my diet 2 years ago but I still get the odd flare up and it’s usually when I’ve had pizza or pasta. I do get bloated quite a lot too so even though I know I’m not coeliac, I think I’m definitely sensitive to gluten. I made these potato cakes…

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    Banana Bars

    This isn’t my usual kind of recipe as it’s a baby led weaning one. Most of my recipes are child friendly and don’t contain any nasties but these literally contain 2 ingredients so are perfect for little fingers.

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    Feeding The Small Humans

    Once upon a time, well, a couple of years ago, I would have said my then 8 year old was a fussy eater. She would only eat things in breadcrumbs or other plain and boring, beige food. She would eat spaghetti bolognese every so often but it would be pot luck if she ate either the pasta or the bolognese as she never seemed to like both parts at any one time. 

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    Eggy Breakfast Muffins

    Eggy Breakfast Muffins are great for so many reasons! They are so simple to make and they are great for using up leftover veg and old eggs. You can put anything you want in them and eat them hot or cold so great for days when you need something quick. As long as you made them the night before that is. They’re naturally Gluten Free and pretty filling. They’re basically just mini omelettes, muffin style! This recipe makes 6 muffins so I usually have 3 at a time. That seems like a reasonable portion to me.

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    Low Fat Chilli Con Carne

    Chilli is loved by everyone in my house and it’s such a good way of using up slightly wrinkly vegetables that are lurking in the fridge! There’s usually some leftover too which means quick meals for little man or a chilli con carne jacket potato one lunch time for me. We recently used the leftovers to make chilli dogs, which were amazing! I don’t make mine spicy as the kids eat it this way. If you wanted more of a kick then some dried chilli flakes will do it! I tend to add them to the leftovers if it’s just me that’s going to eat it!  

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    KFC Style Crispy Chicken

    Healthy KFC is a firm favourite in our house. They taste just as good as their greasy counterparts, if not better! Even the kids agree so they must be good! I do now make mine with gluten free bread so I can eat them without the stomach ache. Something I don’t think I’ll ever manage with the real KFC! You will ideally need a food processor for this recipe to make breadcrumbs. I tried making it using a hand blender once…. It didn’t go too well.

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    Slow Cooker Pork Casserole

    We’ve had crappy weather here lately so a bit of comfort food was definitely needed tonight and there’s nothing better than a veggie filled casserole! Any slow cooker meal is the ultimate comfort food in my eyes. A casserole is no exception to that rule. To me, this pork casserole is winter in a bowl. I have a few favourite slow cooker meals but another good one for winter is thisĀ Pepperpot Stew.