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    A Lazy Girl’s Guide To A No Makeup, Makeup Look

    The no makeup, makeup look is massively on trend at the moment but if you’re anything like me then you’ve been rocking it daily for the past 10 years anyway. I am a self-proclaimed lazy beauty lover as seen in this previous post: 5 Hair & Beauty Hacks For Lazy People I like to look good but with minimal effort. Makeup is a big love of mine but who honestly has the time to slap on a full face every morning? Not me! I’d rather spend that extra time sleeping. Now, the ULTIMATE lazy girl would just hop out of bed and go. Not worrying about any makeup at all. Unfortunately,…

  • Beauty

    5 Hair & Beauty Hacks for Lazy People

    I will be the first to admit that I am lazy when it comes to hair and beauty. I like to look good but there are times I just can’t be bothered! There are some things that are worth the time and effort but mostly not. I have compiled this list of beauty hacks for fellow lazy, beauty lovers! Who says you have to spend hours preening every day to look good? Not us! 1. Dry Shampoo It’s every lazy person (or mum’s) essential item, on the shopping list every month, I never go without it! One thing us lazy people tend to know is how long we can go…