5 Hair & Beauty Hacks for Lazy People

I will be the first to admit that I am lazy when it comes to hair and beauty. I like to look good but there are times I just can’t be bothered! There are some things that are worth the time and effort but mostly not. I have compiled this list of beauty hacks for fellow lazy, beauty lovers! Who says you have to spend hours preening every day to look good? Not us!

1. Dry Shampoo

It’s every lazy person (or mum’s) essential item, on the shopping list every month, I never go without it! One thing us lazy people tend to know is how long we can go without washing our hair. I know I can go 3 days; 1 day hair down, 1 tied in a plait or similar style and then finally, in a bun because there’s no way in hell I can get away with a parting.

Beauty Hacks Dry shampoo

Did you know though that dry shampoo should is best used before you need it? Spray it as you always do but, the night before you’d usually use it and it will work it’s magic as you sleep. You will awaken to still fresh hair! For me, this means I can have 2 days of wearing my hair down!

Have no dry shampoo? Baby powder works exactly the same! Sprinkle onto your roots and massage well into the hair, voilà! Freshened locks!

2. Baby Wipes

Unfortunately these are due to be banned as they aren’t recyclable but they are again a lazy person’s dream! Perfect for everything from removing makeup to dusting. I use them every night to take off my makeup (yes, unfortunately there isn’t a way of avoiding removing your makeup every night *sigh* unless you just don’t wear any). Baby wipes are gentle on the skin but tough enough to remove even waterproof mascara. Just don’t forget to always wipe upwards when removing eye makeup, it’s gentler on the soft skin under the eye.

3. Facial Oils

I have quite oily skin so I can’t use facial oils in the daytime but as an overnight “mask” they’re great! You literally put 3 or 4 drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then press them on your face. I make sure I get more on my “problem areas”, so under eyes, forehead and around my mouth.
Not only are they great for your skin but can also double as a hair serum, just be careful not to overdo it as it can make your hair really greasy and dry shampoo will not get you out of that pickle!

4. Wavy/Curly Hair Made Simple

As a Mum and a self-certified lazy person I can’t shower and wash my hair in the morning. I would have to get up at 6 on a weekday to have time and let’s face it, I’m not doing that! Also, I’d probably wake the kids then not have time to dry it etc. A shower in the evening can also be a pain though, again I’d wake the kids if I tried to dry my hair and going to bed with it wet means I wake up with fluffy bedhair which is not a great look! My answer: wrap partially, naturally dried hair into buns and secure with bobby pins like so:

Beauty hacks Buns top and bottom

Sleep with them in, then tah dah! In the morning, natural curls.

Beauty hacks Beachy waves

5. Loose Powder

I hate doing a full face of cream foundation, it takes too long and gives me the worst breakouts. Plus it always looks really unnatural, no matter how “good” the brand is it always looks cakey. Luckily I have pretty clear skin (most of the time) so just using a powder is a good option for me. I normally use a banana powder just to even out my skin tone but I know that a yellow hue won’t suit everyone (I have a warm undertone so this is fine for me), but there are other colours so you just need to find one that suits you. Powder is my favourite though, it takes 2 minutes to apply, blends perfectly and gives a great coverage. It also stops me from having breakouts!

beauty hacks Powder

I am quite often out and about with only powder and mascara on as I just can’t be bothered faffing with anything else in the mornings!

Well that’s my little list of “hacks”. I hope they can help someone else and let me know if you have any others! I’m always trying to find a quicker way of doing things! I also hope I manage to find some fellow lazy people….. Please tell me I’m not the only one.


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  • ZaraLouU

    I have always lived by sleeping with dry shampoo in my hair! I’m so weird because I ave an insanely oily scalp (I can manage two days before a wash JUST! With dry shampoo) but a excessively dry face. So oil masks overnight are my jam, especially moringa oil!
    I love the wavy tip, I can’t wait to grow my hair out to try it!!

    • Carly Bloggs

      When my hair was short I could only do 2 days before washing, long hair is easier to hide 😂 you might be able to do the wavy look now, do smaller buns around your head.

  • Kate

    What facial oils do you use? I’m currently using the Farsali volcanic one, it smells awful but I look like a fresh baby when I wake up! (I also have oily skin).
    And you def don’t need much face products, you look sooooo beaut!

    • Carly Bloggs

      Aww thanks lovely! I have a Boots No.7 one which is my favourite at the moment, also Dr Botanicals Rose Oil which doesn’t leave my skin too greasy either.

    • Carly Bloggs

      Yeah they are going to be. First plastic straws and then wipes. I’m going to stock up before it happens

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