A Lazy Girl’s Guide To A No Makeup, Makeup Look

The no makeup, makeup look is massively on trend at the moment but if you’re anything like me then you’ve been rocking it daily for the past 10 years anyway.

I am a self-proclaimed lazy beauty lover as seen in this previous post: 5 Hair & Beauty Hacks For Lazy People

I like to look good but with minimal effort. Makeup is a big love of mine but who honestly has the time to slap on a full face every morning? Not me! I’d rather spend that extra time sleeping.

Now, the ULTIMATE lazy girl would just hop out of bed and go. Not worrying about any makeup at all. Unfortunately, I do not have the complexion for that. I don’t want to spend my day looking like an extra from The Walking Dead.

So here’s the look I go for on a day to day basis and the products I use.

A Lazy Girl's no makeup, makeup look

My skincare routine honestly takes more time than applying my makeup!

Step 1

Make sure you have washed, cleansed, moisturised and primed! A good skincare routine is far more important than makeup in my eyes.

Step 2

Concealer. Just a touch under the eyes and blended well. Maybe a dot on the chin and forehead/down the nose as a bit of contour too.

No makeup, makeup look - concelaer

Step 3

Powder. I said this in my previous post but I only use loose powder. This can be quite drying for your skin though so you could always try a BB cream if you need to even your skin tone. I personally make sure I use a good, hydrating face cream in the winter. Anywho…

No makeup, makeup look - Loose banana powder

Dust a light covering of powder all over your face. Blending out to the edges and around your chin.

Step 4

Blusher. I’m currently using Cheek and Lip Jelly which is a stain rather than an actual blusher. It’s really easy to use and a little goes a long way. It just gives you a nice, natural looking flush.

No makeup, makeup look - lip and cheek stain

I do swap blush for bronzer in the summer though. It suits my skin tone better when I have a bit of a tan.

I will often just go over my cheeks with a touch more powder at this point. It just helps blend the stain a little better.

Step 5

Brows. I have found the best product ever for super quick brows: brow mascara! It gives you that little extra thickness and colour and also keeps unruly hairs in place! I use this however I do my brows but it’s great for lazy days.

No makeup, makeup look - eyebrow mascara

Step 6

Mascara. I have recently picked up this mascara from Makeup Revolution. It was £4 and it’s not bad for that price! Unfortunately since photographing my products, I’ve found this irritates my eyeballs. It’s fine for 8 hours wear but after that it makes my eyes itch and water.

No makeup, makeup look - Mascara

Which forces me to the other end of the spectrum… I’ve just ordered another mascara. A Clinique one at £19! It’s fantastic though and well worth the money! I may even do a comparison post on mascaras.

Step 7

Lips. Just a touch of lip balm for me! I’m currently loving this one from The Beauty Kitchen. It looks like a particular petroleum jelly but is actually petrol free.

No makeup, makeup look - lip balm

And that’s it, you’re done! Quick and easy!

You can head out the door looking natural without looking half dead. Just don’t forget to brush your hair and stick your clothes in the tumble dryer for a couple of minutes before putting them on. (Beats ironing!)

Let me know your lazy beauty hacks in the comments!!

A Lazy Girl's Guide To A No Makeup, Makeup Look - I woke up like this
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  • Geraldine

    How pretty! I’m the type who barely ever wears makeup because I can’t be bothered to wake up extra early to put these on but I love that there isn’t much to your routine. I have looked some stuff up on YouTube and they literally give me a laundry list of steps for a no makeup makeup look 🤣 Thank you for sharing this Carly!

    • Carly Bloggs

      😂 YouTube tutorials do always seem to be unnecessarily long and complicated! Thank you for reading.

    • Carly Bloggs

      It’s perfect for every day! It doesn’t take long but at least puts some colour in my face lol.

  • Kiran Singh

    You look simply beautiful. I love the ‘no make-up’ make-up look – in fact, that’s my signature style. Very French. Will check out the products you recommended.

  • Jheelam

    This is such a easy-peasy tutorial. I’m lazy as a log so I might stick to Step 1, 6 & & (thus taking it a notch further in the “lazy-verse”. :D). Thank you for sharing.

  • Jo

    A great look Carly. I’ve never been one for much makeup but agree, the skincare is the biggest part of my routine.

  • MJ

    I love this😍😍 I always do the little bit of concealer, mascara and make sure to moisturize on my no makeup look days haha! Great post girl!

  • Sociable Events (Louise)

    This is great as someone who also likes a no make up look but not actually wearing no make up (I don’t have the skin for that!) 😀

    I like the sound of your blusher/cheek stain I might need to look in to one like that

  • Nina

    I love this. And this is exactly what I do! I just cannot be bothered – but my skin isn’t good enough to not do anything. I’ve started having my lashes curled and tinted too – that removes another step as you don’t need mascara and it lasts about 6 weeks.
    Nina x |

    • Carly Bloggs

      I wanted to try the lash tint and curl but I have the most awkward skin and hair and I don’t think it’ll last long enough on me to warrant spending the money. Tint just doesn’t hang about on me 😂 I might just have to try it once though x

  • Rachael Hope

    So many good tips here Carly 🙂 I love anything that is minimal effort 😂 I’m far too tired for glamour pahaha so I definitely appreciate this post. Great post as always 💜 Rach

  • Sophia Ismaa

    Love it! I pretty much did this no makeup, makeup look today (with foundation though), but I definitely want to try it without foundation. The stain looks really interesting, I’ll have to check that out!

    • Carly Bloggs

      Your comments keep going to spam and this makes me really sad!! You should definitely give it a go with no foundation! It saves a lot more time and your skin will thank you lol x

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