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    Getting The Perfect Beach Body In 1 Simple Step

    Getting the perfect beach body is so simple! I don’t really understand how more people aren’t promoting this to be honest. Though there has been a rise in carrying out this step, it seems more people still need to know. So here it is… I am going to teach you my trick to getting the perfect beach body in 1 simple step! Ready? Put on some swimwear! I know, I know, clickbait at its best. But honestly, it’s the only way to do it! So many people have an issue with swimwear and I can totally relate. I always did too. Especially when you’re at the beach or pool, surrounded…

  • My Diary

    Wedding Photo Shoot Day

    If you’re following me on Instagram you will have seen I enjoy playing in wedding dresses in my spare time…. Not in a weird, I’m obsessed with marriage way, I model for a friend’s bridal shop. Usually we do catwalks at local wedding fairs and it’s an amazing experience! I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now, since I first lost weight and felt confident enough to do something like that, it gave me the confidence boost I needed at the time and I still love doing it! I got asked if I would do a photo shoot recently for a local photographer at a really beautiful old…