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    London Adventures – The Allergy and Free From Show 2019

    The Allergy and Free From Show; Now my third favourite foodie day of the year! My first being Christmas and second is Bonfire Night (a family tradition). I found out about the Allergy and Free From Show shortly after changing my diet last year. My niece has Coeliac Disease so it seemed like an ideal day out. Well, I’ve never seen a little girls eyes light up quite like my niece’s did when I told her that as long as she was on green carpet, the food was safe to eat. We rolled out of that show in the end! With bags stuffed full of gluten free goodies. So of…

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    Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Muffins

    I can’t bake, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t got the patience or I am genuinely just awful at it but anything I’ve ever tried has always come out terrible. I’ve been eating more cake since I went Gluten Free than I ever did before. Shop bought cakes are ridiculously expensive and my shopping bill is now so much higher because of it. I decided to save myself some pennies and make my own! I scoured countless different recipes (gluten and gluten free ones) but decided a flourless, gluten free chocolate brownie would be the best option. Then I don’t feel like I’m baking so less will go…