• A Pony Called Steve

    A Pony Called What? – Product Review

    Am I the only person that still has smellies left over from Christmas? Over 8 months later and I still have a few but I’m a little sick of smelling like my Nan’s favourite flowery scent. Again, is that just me that ends up with “lavender” or “white lily”? Don’t get me wrong, I love lilies, they’re my favourite flower but have you ever really smelt one? If I have fresh ones in the house I spend a good day or so wondering who’s done a wee in the kitchen! Old fashioned smells are something of the past now though. I have swapped out a couple of my current products…

  • Beauty

    XO Balm Review

    I was asked to trial XO Balm as I get patches of dry skin on my arms and legs at times. I use moisturiser pretty religiously after a shower or bath in order to stop them from getting too bad. So when I got offered the chance to try a multi-use, natural balm of course I jumped at it. Natural products are a big thing for me these days; shampoo, soaps, you name it, I’ll try it! I just feel like it’s nicer to know what you’re putting on your skin and hair rather than using something with a million ingredients that you can’t read. Yes they are slightly more…