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    5 Healthy Lunches You Need To Have This Week

    This is a bit of a recap post; looking back at some of my favourite, healthy lunches that are perfect  for taking to work! Just make sure you write your name on your lunchbox so no one can use that excuse when they steal it from the staffroom fridge. These recipes are best made the night before and some do keep for a few days so actually, they’ll last for more than one lunchtime. We’ll start with my absolute favourite and the one I personally make for lunch (and snacks) the most often. Curry Loaf This is so unbelievably easy to make as long as you find the right ingredients.…

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    Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Muffins

    I can’t bake, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t got the patience or I am genuinely just awful at it but anything I’ve ever tried has always come out terrible. I’ve been eating more cake since I went Gluten Free than I ever did before. Shop bought cakes are ridiculously expensive and my shopping bill is now so much higher because of it. I decided to save myself some pennies and make my own! I scoured countless different recipes (gluten and gluten free ones) but decided a flourless, gluten free chocolate brownie would be the best option. Then I don’t feel like I’m baking so less will go…

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    Tomato and Chorizo Pasta

    Tomato and chorizo pasta is such a tasty dinner! Even the toddler demolished a bowl full and he’s in that horrible picky stage where he will only eat breaded chicken and pasta and screams if there’s any vegetable lumps. He won’t even eat chips! So this has the toddler stamp of approval so it must be pretty good. This was made as I had some chorizo left over from making my paella. I of course use Gluten Free pasta for mine but I make the rest of the family’s with normal pasta. It’s a great “accidental” recipe make and it’s full of healthy veggies too.