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    Victoria Sponge (well not quite)

    Scan Bran….. You either love it or hate it and I must say, I quite like it! Now, please don’t expect this to be like a proper Victoria sponge because it’s not but as far as low calorie cakes go, this is a decent one! Scan Bran makes quite a squidgy cake but it’s heavy, not light and fluffy like a proper sponge. I had half a cake as breakfast and could barely eat lunch which is not like me!

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    Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes

    Everybody loves cake, I personally don’t think you will ever find an amazing replacement for the real thing unless you go for mini cakes but you can easily eat a whole packet in one sitting (well I can). I have found a filling replacement in the form of Scan Bran again. I have done a chocolate cake recipe before but this is slightly different and it makes 6 of these full size cupcakes. They are so filling that you won’t want to eat more than 1 or 2 in one go anyway!

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    Chocolate Scan Bran Cake

    Scan Bran is a Swedish crisp bread, a little bit like Ryvita but harder. I’ve been sent a load to join in with the Scan Bran Challenge and see how it can help aid weightloss. My slimming group went mad for the stuff last year and we had the biggest losses as a group my consultant had ever seen. My favourite way of using it was as a cake so it was the first one I had to try. Scan Bran is available from Amazon or Holland & Barrett and probably the most fibrous thing you will ever eat!