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    The Toddler Years – One Perfect Week

    If you’ve not previously read my The Toddler Years Series then click here and get up to speed! I’ve decided to add to the series this week as quite frankly, I need to vent. I found this series to be a safe space for toddler parents. A place we could call our kids arseholes and no one would bat an eyelid. So I’ve called this post “One Perfect Week” as I’m amazed that we’ve done one! Yes, my toddler was good for a whole week! *Takes a bow with a smug grin on her face* But of course, it was short lived… One Perfect Week The adults in our house…

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    The Toddler Years – Plastic Tat

    Welcome to another edition of the Toddler Years Series! If you haven’t read these posts before, where have you been? Don’t worry though, you can read the previous one here. This week’s post is written by the lovely Jo from A Rose Tinted World. She writes about parenting, lifestyle and sewing over at her blog http://www.arosetintedworld.co.uk. Go check her out! But that’s enough from me…. Plastic Tat I met one of my oldest friends last week who is also a toddler mum. Invariably, the conversation came around to the Christmas question. What were her two children getting (10 and nearly 4)? ‘Plastic Tat’ was the acidic response. Now, I wasn’t…