July Glossybox Review

For once I have actually tried everything in my Glossybox pretty much straight away! I’ve literally just used the final product so thought I may as well get the review written as soon as possible. So, to recap, this month’s Glossybox contained this lovely stash:

The box really impressed me this month, I love the different colour but saying that, I love the normal pink and black too.

Papanga Hair Ties

I’ve been using hair ties like this since I got some in my stocking at Christmas (yes I still get a stocking aged 30). I use them every night to tie my hair up for bed but mine seem to be a smaller spiral than these ones, that might also be due to the amount they have stretched though…. but anyway, I received a pack of 2, a bright pink one and a clear one. I have been using the pink one religiously and I can say, these are definitely better than the ones I already had. I only have to loop it around a bun a couple of times and it stays put pretty well whereas the ones I had have to go round 3 or 4 times to get a decent hold. They seem to go back into shape pretty well when I’m not using them and they’ve just been left on the side, even after a full days’ use. I’ve had a look on the Papanga website and they do loads of cute colours, they are roughly about £2.50 each which I didn’t think was too bad either. I’ll just have to see how long they last before I snap one.

Bellapierre Banana Setting Powder

This is apparently a Kardashian favourite but I had never heard of it before getting this box. Banana powder is used on your face to counteract redness with it’s yellow tone. I don’t get many red patches unless it’s a spot so I have used it to cover a couple of those that have appeared over the last week and it does seem to tone down the redness. I also used a bit down the sides of my nose but I will be honest, I didn’t notice much of a difference. My friend has also used this though and said she is too pale, it gave her a yellow tinge but luckily for me, my natural skin colour when I have a slight tan seems to be “Essex Orange” so the banana powder blends in pretty well! I tried using it with the fan brush that also came in this month’s box but it didn’t quite go right as I needed to be a bit more accurate in the placement, I didn’t want to look like I had jaundice! It does tone down redness a little bit but it isn’t something I would use every day, I was always taught in college that green was the best colour to counteract red so maybe someone will bring out “Kermit Powder” in the near future and the Kardashian clan can all go mad for that.

Spectrum Fan Brush

I love this brush….. I have no real use for it…… but I love it!

I use a stick highlighter most of the time which applies directly to my face and I blend using a sponge or my fingers so I literally have no use for it but how cute are the colours!! I feel like I should go and buy a powder highlighter in unicorn colours so I can use my unicorn brush…… It retails at £5 and you can buy the whole set for around £30 which really isn’t bad.

Monuspa After Sun

This product really got put to the test, not on me either…. Mr got burnt to a crisp last weekend so we tested it on his back!

This picture doesn’t really do the redness justice! (Maybe I should have tested the banana powder on him too). He was very sore and the skin had gone really tight so I had to be quite delicate applying the cream. It has quite a thick texture but spreads quite easily so a little goes a long way. The smell is quite nice too, the one we have been using has quite a strong floral fragrance but this one is more natural, you can tell it’s aloe vera. It did take about 3 applications over another 2 days to calm his sunburn down, especially as it was irritated by his work t-shirt too but the tightness in the skin was the biggest difference. This after sun left the skin feeling really moisturised in comparison to our usual one and Mr says it “hit the fucking spot” (yes, his actual words). He also agreed that there was “no funny smell” and it was relieving. It got a thumbs up from both of us.

Shills Snail Essence 4D Mask

This was the thing I was nervous about using this month! I mean, who really wants snail slime on their face?! It is supposed to help lines and wrinkles so I had to give it a go for the hell of it. I put it on and felt a bit like Mike Myers from the Halloween films!

It was quite big on my face so it wouldn’t lay flat all over. I had to leave it on for 15-20 minutes then remove the mask and rub in the excess. I was covered in the slime just from putting the mask on so I thought I’d give it a proper test. I don’t have many wrinkles on my face apart from my some deep ones on my forehead so I applied some of the gel to my chest which doesn’t seem to be aging as well as my face thanks to sleeping on my side. After I’d done the 20 minutes of looking like a serial killer and rubbed the excess in I remembered I’d applied some to my chest and I was really surprised by what I saw! The lines have gone! I don’t just mean faded, I mean gone! It’s now nearly 2 hours later and my skin is still smooth. My forehead did also show a considerable difference but I know it won’t be long before they come back, I spend far too much time during the day with my eyebrows raised and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I have tried to find this exact face mask to buy but I can’t, it’s currently unavailable of Amazon. There are alternatives though, ranging from 99p up to £30. I’d definitely use this again, though I do still need to work out how long the effects last.

Thanks for reading!

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