Cheap & Cheerful Face Masks

I love beauty products and all things a little bit girly though I am probably one of the least girly people at the same time. Adding to that, I am also a Mum so my beauty budget is pretty much non-existent and I am now a bit of an advocate of “Cheap & Cheerful” products. Tonight I have decided to try a deep cleansing, peel off mask to try and combat the teenage spot outbreak I am currently suffering from. I think we’ve all tried these at some point in our (probably teenage) lives.

They’re so easy to use and at £1 each you can’t expect a lot from them. As I’ve said before, I do have quite sensitive skin so my skin is probably more reactive than most people’s but last time I used one of these it wasn’t too bad so here goes…

There’s a lot in the packet, more than I actually needed, a lot more so I found out as I put quite a thick layer over my face. It’s a little messy to put on so I made sure I done it over the sink so any drippy bits could be easily cleaned. It’s quite simply a case of slap it on, relax and leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes (or mop the floor in my case) then peel it off.

I felt a little bit like Red Skull or The Vision (comic book references, sorry). After the 20 minutes was up I attempted to peel it off;

It didn’t go too great! There were quite a few patches of still wet mask left stuck to my skin which I had to wash off.

Overall my skin feels really soft, though a little blotchy and red but that’s quite normal for me. In my view, for £1 these little masks are actually quite good and if I’d actually relaxed in the bath or something while I had it on it would definitely have felt like a treat. I’m just desperately hoping it will help with the spots though as I’ve just been asked to do some modelling on Sunday! 

Fingers crossed!!

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