The Toddler Years – What’s With All The W’s?

We’re back again with the 3rd instalment of The Toddlers Years series and this week is a guest post from the fantastic Phil from the Parenting Phils. You can read the previous two Toddler Years posts here and here if you need to catch up.

Phil is a stay at home Dad to twin boys and man, do I feel for him! I only have one terrorising me, I can’t imagine having 2! You can check out his and his best friend Philippa’s blog at

Well that’s enough from me, let’s see what Phil has to say about life with toddler’s….

Guest Post - What's With All The W's?

What’s With All The W’s?

When Carly invited me to guest write for her toddler series, I was thrilled. As a stay-at-home-dad to our 3-year-old twin boys, I’ve got plenty to say on the matter… Although I doubt little of it will inspire people to want children. I jest, of course… honestly.

I was looking for inspiration this morning, trying to decide what to talk about, but I wasn’t able to come up with anything because of the INCESSANT WITTERING heading in my direction!

In the time it took me to throw a cup of tea down my neck (I should probably disclose to you at this point that I’m a scouser and I write as I speak… it might be easy to read it with the accent) all I’d heard, from said 3-year-old, was ‘Daddy, what’s this? Daddy, why? Daddy, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I wan…’ you get my drift.

Guest Post By Parenting Phils - What's With All The W's?

When the boys were 18-24 months and starting to say words (badly) I couldn’t wait for them to be able to talk, to be able to have a proper conversation with them, for them to be able to tell me what they wanted rather than trying to frantically guess whilst the egg timer was ticking, getting ever closer to an explosion of frustration. The ‘charades’ phase was a tough one for me, trying to guess what TWO monkey-talking infants wanted was stressful and sweat-provoking to say the least.

Now, I ask myself why I wished those days away so quick, why on earth did I want two toddlers giving me GBH of the earhole… ALL DAY, EVERY DAY? There’s no let up, there’s no escape, not one place in our house that I can hide without the walking dead chasing after wanting a piece of me, and it’s not just the kids, the two dogs are normally in tow too!

Guest Post by Parenting Phils - What's With All The W's?

I know most people probably think the ‘why’ stage is endearing, well sadly I’m not one of them and I think I’ve actually found the perfect defence to the bombardment of questions that begin with the letter ‘W’, which I’m pleased to share with you.

The first time your little one asks ‘what’ or ‘why’ you give them an explanation or an alternative, it’s inevitable that you’ll be hit with a follow up ‘W’ question so be ready to offer a second response. As soon as the third in a row comes at you, just simply say ‘I think I’ve answered your question’ and turn away to avoid eye contact… and from them seeing you laugh as they ponder their next move. So far it’s left my two stumped! You’re welcome! (Is it just me or can you no longer say ‘You’re Welcome’ without breaking out into the song from Moana?)

Guest Post by Parenting Phils - What's With All The W's?

I guess I should end this piece with a nice line or two about how amazing it is really to have strong, vocal children who want to engage with me… because it is, but my god it is hard work and if I had a mute button for them, believe me it’d be worn down by now already! Gotta love-em (when they’re asleep at least)!

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The Toddler Years - Guest Post by Parenting Phils - What's With All The W's?
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  • Jo

    We are just starting the W phase! At the moment it is quite endearing…but I can already see how it will start to grate. At that point I shall be saying ‘ask your Dad’! Love this!

  • Sonja

    I now have a three and a half year old, and the questions keep getting more challenging. My son wanted to know how the radio works. How do you explain that to a three year old?

    Great post!

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