January Glossybox Reveal

New year, old box. We’re back to the classic pink for the first Glossybox of the year. This box is all about self care after a season of gluttony, which I for one am up for! I’ve tried my best to look after my skin as best I can this winter but it could always use a little more help.

Again this month I managed to avoid the spoilers…. That was until Glossybox emailed to say there was a mistake on their card and one product wasn’t suitable for some people. So i knew a couple of the items that were coming but only 2 out of 5 so that’s not too bad. I just really enjoy the surprise each month.

I do love the classic pink and black, it’s just so classy. No shredded black paper this month though as the box was completely packed! Let’s have a little look at what was inside.

  • Beauty Beneath Supplements
  • Dr Botanicals Superfood Facial Oil
  • Evelyn Iona Green Tea Primer
  • Nail Medic Nail and Cuticle Energizer
  • Apicia Cream Blush

Now, there’s going to be a bit of a change to usual months because I’m not going to review the supplements till after I’ve finished them. There’s a full month’s worth so I want to give them a fair trial and a proper review at the end. I’m excited to try everything this month though and hopefully by February, and my 31st birthday I’ll have wrinkle free, glowing skin!

A girl can hope.

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Thanks for reading!

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