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When Life Takes Over

I don’t get food guilt anymore but I know a lot of people do. They eat a takeaway then regret it and even punish themselves for doing so. I like “bad food”, it’s half the reason I needed to diet in the first place, so I’m not going to stop eating it just because I’m “On Slimming World”. 

I usually have a cheat night on a Tuesday after weigh in but sometimes life gets in the way and there are no good options available or, you just don’t want the good options so I will have bad food on a different day as well as my regular Tuesday. 

My dog nearly died a couple of nights ago and anyone who has a pet will understand the heartbreak of this. She ended up having an emergency operation yesterday which saved her life but we had had such a long and stressful day that we didn’t want to cook, we didn’t want anything healthy, we wanted this:

Pizza is my favourite thing in the world and nothing compares to a proper greasy, takeaway one. I enjoyed every mouthful and even though I’ve got to get back in to my target range this week, I didn’t care. I will always try to get back on plan from the next meal. Everyone always says “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” and I totally agree with that statement. I’ve made Slimming World part of my day to day living, I don’t find it hard to stay on plan because it’s my normal routine. 

I will admit that I haven’t gone straight back on plan today as it is my friend’s birthday so we’ve had a lunch for her and to add to that, my back has gone too. I can’t stand for long enough to cook and to be quite honest the painkillers I’m on ruin my appetite and sense of taste anyway so I probably won’t eat much. I will probably throw in an SP day before weigh in but I enjoy them so it’s no hardship for me.

Life happens and sometimes it doesn’t allow you to stick to plan. If you get into the routine of eating healthy then it will come easily, enjoy the times that you go off plan and you won’t crave them so much. Just please, don’t punish yourself for it! You are human and allowed to eat what you want when you feel like it. 

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