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The 5 Worst Things About Living With A Blogger

My other half gave me the idea for this post the other day. I made him wait for his dinner as I needed to photograph it for a new recipe post. While I was faffing, he took some photos of me, taking photos.

Living With A Blogger - Carly half standing on a kitchen counter with a DSLR taking pictures from above of a bowl and a pan of food.

Yes, this is the extreme I will go to to get pictures. Annoyingly, the photo didn’t even come out that great!

My lighting is a bit bleurgh in the kitchen and I am considering investing in some lighting of some sort to rectify this. But that will probably just give him more ammunition to take the piss.

After we finally finished dinner, he showed me the pictures and we had a chuckle about the annoying things that come with my “hobby”. He was reeling off things, which I didn’t quite expect! But I wrote them down because I figured it would make for good reading!

So, these are the things my other half has decided are the 5 most annoying things about living with a blogger.

1. Boxes

Living With A Blogger - 4 boxes stacked on top of each other

His View – There are always empty boxes everywhere.

I’m quite lucky with the stuff I get sent but some weeks can be a little mad. This is what last week looked like…

It may not seem like loads but given the Amazon box was for a couple of packets of crisps… It’s a little overkill. But that’s Amazon for you!

My View – I don’t often have weeks like this where I get sent that much. It’s usually sporadic and normally smaller boxes. I just had Amazon go a little mad and got sent something else on the larger side.

2. Wallpaper

Living With A Blogger - sample rolls of wallpaper on top of each other under a small desk.

His View – Under the desk is just loads of rolled up samples of wallpaper.

Wallpaper is fantastic for backgrounds! Keeping it rolled means it doesn’t get creased and it’s so easy to store like that. Yes, I may have gone a little over the top with white wash wood effect ones but they can easily get dirty being a food blogger.

My View – I have free backgrounds! I’m not spending 20 odd quid a time on a background board. Which, by the way, would be harder to house somewhere.

3. Waiting To Eat Dinner

His View – My dinner is on the side, I can see it but I’m not allowed to touch it.

I’ve got into the habit of photographing my food with his in the background. It looks better for Instagram and it means I don’t have to get the wallpaper out for a pretty background. I can just plonk the plates on the island in the kitchen and voilà, pretty enough picture accomplished. I get to eat a hot dinner but still get my picture.

My View – I cooked it, you can wait an extra 10 seconds.

4. Props

Living With A Blogger - a stack of 3 colourful notebooks, 2 fake flowers behind them with a copper candle holder to the right and some colourful pens each side of the notebooks

His View – Fake flowers in every vase, candle holders, wooden crates and so many notebooks and pens!

Every budding photographer needs props! I also like pretty things so blogging and photography has become an excuse to buy them. I am pretty frugal though so I never spend much (hence the wallpaper samples!).

My View – They are investments. The house looks prettier because of them, there’s additional storage and…. Well, I like them.

5. Being Stared At In A Restaurant

His View – This is a little embarrassing. You know the staff are being extra nice because they’ve been told to be.

This isn’t just my other half that has experienced this with me, my mum has too. It’s amazing being welcomed into food establishments like a minor celebrity. I’m not boasting, I actually feel slightly embarrassed in these situations too. But there is something about people knowing who you are and being treated to impeccable service. Being a food Instagrammer certainly has its perks!

The down side is other patrons trying to work out if they should know you too. You do get stared at quite a bit at times.

My View – Just enjoy your food…. But let me take a photo first please.

So there you have it! 5 reasons not to live with a blogger! Or 5 reasons TO live with one, depending on how you look at it.

If you’re looking for more reasons why not to be a blogger then check out my post My Top 5 Pet Peeves With Blogging. Not that I’m trying to put people off! It’s all good fun really.


  • Alice

    Hahaha this is brilliant! I’m sure my boyfriend would agree although I’m sure he would put ‘taking “candid” pictures of you’ on the list, too… Wallpaper samples are the best hack ever! I have so many now and love knowing I can just go get some more whenever I need them!
    Alice Xx

    • Carly Bloggs

      Lol!! The only reason mine doesn’t have to do candid shots is because he can’t work my DSLR! Wallpaper is definitely the best blogging hack though! It’s so easy to replace.
      Thanks for the comment hun xx

  • Deborah Kos

    I love this post. My husband knows the word props very well. He knows I am always looking out for props for my images. Here a prop, there a prop, everywhere a prop!

    • Carly Bloggs

      😂 mine has bought me things for birthdays and Christmas and considered how they can be used as props! They soon get the hang of it lol.

  • Ellie

    This post made me smile. I can definitely relate. I always want to take pictures of good looking food when out, but always felt so self conscious about it! Now, my man does the same, even though he would never post them on Insta or wherever, just so I don’t have to do it by myself. He is creative too so I’m really glad he understands the sometimes weird photos we set up as bloggers ♥

  • Ruth

    I love this and Neal would definitely agree with a few of them, especially the wallpaper samples and the props. He tends to accumulate more boxes than me through various purchases for his computer, so that balances things out a little.

    This had me laughing out loud at a few points, especially when you were talking about waiting to eat dinner and said “I cooked it, you can wait an extra 10 seconds.” 😀

    • Carly Bloggs

      Thank you Ruth, I’m glad you liked it. And I’m glad I’m not the only one with wallpaper samples and props everywhere 😂 makes me feel much better!

  • Lizzie Bee

    Oh my gosh I can relate to this so much – and I’m sure my hubby can, too! And what a brilliant idea to get rolls of wallpaper samples… I might have to do that one day!

  • chickenruby

    despite being a blogger also, for me it is just a hobby and i share your husbands views on most of the above. However my husband just enjoy going new places and will happily take photos for me if I miss things when out and about #blogcrush

  • Erica (The Prepping Wife)

    I totally relate to photos! I’m always taking pics of food. My husband eats a lot, and I always try to arrange it to be aesthetically pleasing for a picture first. I always put a reasonable amount on first for pics, then I’ll let him fill up his plate. Lol. He’s always asking, ok can I eat now? I had never thought about wallpaper for backgrounds. That is a wonderful idea!

  • Madi Dearson

    This made me laugh and totally relate:) We took a little trip yesterday and set down for a picnic, my husband said “come on, take a picture, I know you want to” 🙂 My kids started doing flatlay arrangments with their toys this week and asked me to take a picture…

  • Chloe

    This is amazing! 😂 I’ve never thought about the side of blogging from a non bloggers stand point, he actually has some pretty good points! All my wallpaper rolls are taking up space in my wardrobe and the amount of times I take props down to the kitchen to take photos (cause of the great lighting) is too many. Loved this post, it was such an enjoyable read and had me laughing while reading! 😊 xx

    • Carly Bloggs

      Ssshhh don’t let him know he’s right 😂😉 Kitchens always seem to have the best lighting! Thank you for reading and I’m so glad you enjoyed it 😊

  • Chloe Chats

    I loved reading this, made me laugh so much haha. I love that he’s taken a picture of you taking a picture of dinner, you never really realise yourself how odd it probably looks! Some good points though, I wouldn’t have thought about all of these, the restaurant one I’d feel so awkward hahaha, although it’s lovely!

    Chloe xx

  • Aimsy

    Haha, this is brilliant! Its good to know that there are others out there like me!
    I must admit I do get self-conscious when taking photos of my meals out, but I guess we are not harming anyone! My marble effect sticky back plastic roll has gotten so creased, I may have to invest in a few new wallpaper samples!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo

  • Alison

    Love it! I’m definitely guilty of the notebook thing. I think my husband would add me having no recollection of what he has just said to me or told me about. He has a habit of talking to me when I’m deeply engrossed in researching for a post or actually typing it out! Grrr!

    • Carly Bloggs

      I’m pretty sure that’s a man thing! My OH likes trying to show me random things on the Internet while I’m cooking 😂

  • Geraldine

    I love this post, especially about you taking food pictures first before your hubby gets to eat! 😂 That picture to match is fantastic , I need more guts when it comes to talking pictures out in a public setting!!

  • Bexa

    Ha ha, this is such a brilliant post, everything is so true! Your collection of wallpaper samples looks very similar to mine 🙂 I have also now started keeping a stash of wrapping paper as well (handy when it comes to wrapping a gift I guess, lol). He he, blogging is such a great excuse to buy alll the props, you can never have too many pretty notebooks, right? Fab post Carly! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • Carly Bloggs

      I’m so glad it’s not just me with the wallpaper 😂 I hadn’t thought of wrapping paper too! Thank you Bexa ❤️ xx

  • Sarah

    Loved this! My family knows all too well about the ‘you can’t eat until I take a picture first’ rule. I love the idea of using wallpaper samples as a backdrop, going to have to pick some up. I enjoy looking for new props, and my husband even points some out now.

  • Rebecca - Glutarama

    Yep, that’s me! Being a foodies blogger I get groaned at all the time by my family when I want to snap something before we eat, or shamelessly taking photos of cakes in cafes and standing on chairs! I also have props galore and now store them all in an old wooden toy box that I up-cycled. My ‘garage’ is now my photo studio and my photo backgrounds are all stacked against the wall. with my tripod….it’s a hard life hahaha

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