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My 30 Day Yoga Challenge

I’ve set myself a bit of a fitness challenge as I’ve become a bit complacent again lately and it’s starting to show.

Those who follow me on Instagram and have done for a while will know I have quite serious back problems. It all started just over 10 years ago when my daughter was about 4 months old and I slipped over on a wet floor in a supermarket; I slipped 2 discs in my lower spine and ended up practically bed ridden for 6 weeks. I got sent to a specialist in London who proceeded to tell me (and my mum) that I’d actually fractured my spine when I was 13 so had weakened vertebrae (I slipped on ice at school, got taken to hospital but released the same night and told I was fine!). But anyway, since then I have pain every day and slipped a disc at least every 18 months, it also caused quite bad SPD and a twisted pelvis while pregnant with little man. The last time I slipped a disc was last year when little man was around 5 months old and I literally just got up off the sofa and felt it pop. I would honestly say that the pain is worse than childbirth and at least with childbirth there is an end, I have lived with the pains that my back causes every day for 10 years. Some days are fine and others are horrible but just lately I’ve had more bad days than good. Last year I got sent to Pilates but the NHS course only lasted 6 weeks and I couldn’t find another course that fitted around work and family life. I tried a few different core strengthening exercises at home and even tried trampolining but I eventually found excuses not to do them and I end up back at square one which is where I am again now. 

Carrying a 2 stone, (almost) 2 year old around everywhere is killing me. Slowly I can feel my back going again and I’m just waiting for the final *POP*. Last year I swore to myself that I wouldn’t get to that point again and I was so determined that I was walking again within 3 days and practically healed in a week. I can’t afford for that final pop to happen so that is why I have set myself a 30 day challenge.

I have found a 30 day yoga programme on YouTube, each video is around 30 minutes long so I really have no excuse, I can do it while little man is napping or in the evenings. I’m on Day 3 and at the moment I feel a bit broken if I’m honest! I’m flexible and even doctors are amazed by the flexibility in my spine but my muscles are weak and they are telling me just that. My wonky pelvis and curved spine seem to be straightening up already even though my hips feel like a 90 year olds internally. I’m really hoping that the pains I’m feeling at the moment are just my muscles waking up a bit but we’ll see. I am determined to keep going for 30 days just to see what happens, if nothing else it will give me some Blog content anyway! 

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