March Wish Buys

Many of you may have seen or heard about Wish. It’s a shopping app and quite frankly, my new addiction! You can buy pretty much anything on there and most of it comes from East Asia and is ridiculously cheap. We all know that cheap isn’t always good but I’ve got to say, I’ve been pretty impressed with most of the things I’ve bought. I’ve only had one thing that I wasn’t happy with which was a phone case, the printing was really dodgy but when you’ve only spent £1 on it you’re not really too bothered! So here’s my little haul of things I’ve bought throughout March that I have been impressed with.

There is a whole LOAD of makeup brushes, a matte lipstick, a stamp and line liquid eyeliner, a top and those foot mask socks that are meant to make all your skin peel off.

I did also get a couple of other bits, not photographed because they were for my daughter but they included another really cute phone case (that was actually printed well) and a set of Unicorn ear buds, which my sister got very jealous of so I’ve had to order a second set for her! Also not pictured is what I was using to take the picture; a flexible tripod!

It may not be the best quality one in the world but it was £2 and does what I want it to do.

Anyway, back to the rest of the haul. Let’s start with the brushes…..

I need a new powder brush so I thought I’d try finding one on Wish as I don’t feel I need to spend a small fortune on something I use for one small job. The advert for these brushes looked like it contained a decent sized powder one…. Oh how I was sucked in by the advert! The brush on the right is my “powder brush”. You could possibly use it as a foundation brush….. Oh well. For just over £2 I now have a whole variety of different eye brushes and sponge applicators which aren’t too bad quality wise and they are always useful but I’m still in the market for a powder brush.

This is the second time I’ve bought a matte lipstick from Wish and actually this one pictured is the first one I ever bought, not the most recent as my new one actually turned up with a broken lid. It’s not the worst thing in the world as it still open and closed just fine but it didn’t make for a pretty picture. You can probably guess given I’ve bought 2 that I like these lipsticks. I would go as far as saying that these are on par with Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. They go on really easily and dry within a minute or too with minimal stickyness. They last really well and you can even eat and drink without too much coming off, if any does then it’s easy to just top them up. The first one I bought was actually a full lip kit that came with a matching lip liner and I absolutely love it. I am probably going to end up buying more of these over time as I am that impressed with them and I do love a matte lipstick, especially for £1.

Buying clothing from countries like China and Singapore can be a little hit and miss, you do have to check the sizing VERY carefully and you never know what kind of quality you are going to get. The sizing can be really daunting as a small to us tends to be a size 8-10, medium around a 12-14 etc. Not in Asia…. A small to them is around a 2-4 so always check their sizing guides which are usually shown in the picture. I bought an extra large (I’m a size 8-10) and it’s a perfect fit. This top is a sheer, v-necked vest in white. It’s definitely sheer and at the moment I can’t seem to get the creases out of it very well. It’s one of those tops that would melt if an iron even looked at it! It is a cute top though and it will do me perfectly for work during the summer. I’m tempted to try some other clothes from Wish, they vary in price but I have watched a particular YouTuber buy a load of clothing and not all of it turned out to be great, I think I’d rather take my chances with Primark.

Now, I am TERRIBLE at doing liquid eyeliner and attempting winged eyeliner has always been a no go. It ends up wonky and my eyes never match! I have recently got better at applying it next to my lash line and when I saw Rimmel’s new stamp eyeliner being advertised I really contemplated buying one. Whilst browsing through Wish I came across one so of course I had to have it, especially for £2! One end is a fine tipped pen, kind of like a felt tip and the other has a triangle stamp:

So all you have to do is get the stamp in the right place then fill in the rest of the lash line and even it out. It should be that simple but I have still managed to mess it up on occasions. I absolutely love this though and it makes life so much easier! The product itself doesn’t smudge, lasts all day but comes off really easily with make-up remover. I would definitely recommend this!!

I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty scared to use this! The directions are all in Chinese which makes it even more daunting but I’ve found some on Amazon in English so I now know how they work. I’ve seen so many videos on Facebook of people peeling off whole chunks of skin, revealing baby soft skin underneath which I don’t think helps my nerves. I will give it a go though, once I pluck up enough courage. Again, this was only £1 and they are so much more in English shops.

So that’s my haul, for a grand total of £10!! What a bargain!!

Wish really does have everything you didn’t know you needed and you want. I can spend hours searching through random crap, it’s brilliant.

Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you’ve had any experience with Wish products.

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