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5 Truths About Living With A Gamer

If you already live with a gamer then this post is not for you. You will already know these 5 truths about living with a gamer! Though this might still give you a giggle as you’ll relate to it! If you’re a gamer yourself…. Maybe read this to understand why we get a bit miffed at times.

Everyone needs a hobby and honestly, I’m glad my OH has finally bought an Xbox One. He sold his just before our son was born because quite honestly, it was a very expensive ornament gathering dust when we needed the money. He didn’t have time to play it due to his job and a growing family so it made sense at the time.

He’s been umming and arring over buying one again for, probably about the last year but couldn’t really warrant spending the money. He had recently got back into playing games on his PC though so I’d already had a taster of what was coming.

5 truths about living with a gamer - a white Xbox One controller sat in front of a white Xbox

As I said, everyone needs a hobby and I am genuinely glad he’s got one again. Basically, I know he’s going to read this (now I’m editing he’s fully aware something is coming) and I don’t want him to think I’m having a moan. I’m not, I’m just warning other people what they’re in for if they don’t already know! These are just 5 truths about living with a gamer…. And I probably could have come up with more!

1. You will never know if they’re talking to you or someone on their headset.

Quite possibly the most annoying truth. I quite often sit with headphones on while he’s playing and will be totally confused when removing them as to whether he’s talking to me or not…. Usually the latter.

The best one is when he waves at me (my headphones still on) to catch my attention but is still talking to the people on the game. I usually spend a second dazed and confused, trying to work out what the hell is happening…. Like a flash bang has gone off. Yes, I know what one of those is now.

2. You will hear and see a totally different side of them.

I think this is funny if you don’t often see them with their friends. They turn into a Mr[s] Hyde. The language is unbelievable and they use words you never usually hear them say. I know it’s lad banter but it still makes me chuckle, he never talks that way!

The language at times though. Definitely don’t have children within earshot. With certain games the language is quite blue anyway but they too will shout “Oh shit!” and worse, a lot too.

I’ve got more used to it now but it still makes laugh at times.

3. You will spend evenings alone.

If you don’t have a hobby; find one. You will need something to do otherwise you will quickly become bored and lonely. There’s some ideas in my previous post of things to learn in lock down if you need them. I chose to take on a new course just before Mr bought his Xbox so him playing actually gives me the perfect opportunity to study.

I also game from time to time and have taken to living my life through The Sims. Due to the current lock down situation, they have a far more interesting life than me at the moment.

Also get used to going to bed alone, if you don’t already. You will head off before them just out of boredom.

4. The phrase “I’ll just have one more round/match/fight” (game dependent) will be common place.

I’ve got to admit, my OH isn’t actually that bad for this. When he says 1 more it does usually mean just that. The games can last anywhere from 10 minutes up to half an hour though so be prepared for that!

I’ve discovered this truth from speaking to other gaming widows. For most of them, this phrase is a lie. Just one more round easily becomes another 3 or 4.

5. Let them have a gaming cave if possible otherwise you will lose access to the TV.

Make sure you have a spare TV, either in a gaming room for them, or a different room for you. Don’t make the mistake I did and let them take over the main TV. While he was gaming on his laptop it was beautiful. I had the nice big TV and the sofa right in front of it to watch whatever I damn well pleased. I’ve now been relegated to the other sofa and I now watch what I want on my laptop or tablet with headphones so I don’t have to constantly hear the sound of gunfire or swearing. It’s just not the same.

Oh and while we’re on the subject of TVs…. Never wait for them to watch a new series. You will NEVER see it if you do. Unless it can be binged in the 1 odd night you may have their attention for!

5 truths about living with a gamer - Our TV showing the word Defeat in red across the screen

Well, that’s my 5 truths about living with a gamer. I hope you had a little giggle at least. It’s actually done us both a favour during lock down really. I’m studying the hardest I possibly can and he gets to take his frustrations of having to spend all day, every day with the 4yo out on random people in a game. (I still get to escape to work.)

Do you live with a gamer? Do you agree with these or have you got some more? I could do a part 2!

5 Truths About Living With A Gamer - what to expect from the point of view of a gaming widow.
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