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    Skinny Unicorn – Weightloss Coffee Review

    There’s always mixed reviews on “weightloss” and “detox” beverages and I do truly believe you have to be careful when you decide to try one. They are all different and some do have unwanted side effects. I’ve tried a detox tea before which it on really well with so when Skinny Unicorn asked me to try their coffee I couldn’t say no! I love coffee so I knew I wouldn’t struggle to use this! I did check over the ingredients first and there’s nothing in there I can’t read, which is always a good sign. The thing that stood out to me the most was that it had coconut in…

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    XO Balm Review

    I was asked to trial XO Balm as I get patches of dry skin on my arms and legs at times. I use moisturiser pretty religiously after a shower or bath in order to stop them from getting too bad. So when I got offered the chance to try a multi-use, natural balm of course I jumped at it. Natural products are a big thing for me these days; shampoo, soaps, you name it, I’ll try it! I just feel like it’s nicer to know what you’re putting on your skin and hair rather than using something with a million ingredients that you can’t read. Yes they are slightly more…

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    Uber Sonic – Toothbrush Review

    Uber Sonic aren’t a brand I’d ever heard of before. Let’s face it though, unless it’s made by Colgate or Braun, I’m not going to know of any other electric toothbrush makes as they’re not constantly shoved in your face. Still, I jumped at the chance to give this a go as I actually still lived in the dark ages and had a manual toothbrush! Uber Sonic promote themselves as the iPhone of the toothbrush world as the body is made from lightweight brushed aluminium, the same as the phones. It looks really modern and is indeed lightweight and comfortable to hold. The interchangeable plastic heads are a little wider…

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    Ecosoapia – Natural Soap Review

    I’m really loving natural products at the moment. I’ve tried body creams and the loveliest shampoo and conditioner combo which you can read about HERE, among other things. It’s just nice to use products that don’t contain any nasty ingredients that you can’t read the names of! It’s better for your skin and for the environment. I was sent a bottle of Ecosoapia to try and the first thing you notice about it is the label. Just WOW! It was designed by David Smith who is regarded as the best calligrapher in the world and you can see why! The detail that has gone into the design is just incredible…

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    June 2018 Glossybox Review

    I decided not to do a reveal this month as I have quite a few beauty products to post about as it is and I am struggling to find the time to write up posts. It hasn’t taken me long to make way through the products though so here’s my review for this month! For anyone who doesn’t know about Glossybox, it’s a monthly subscription box that comes through the post and contains 5 different beauty products. It’s a great way of trying things you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself and it’s only £10. We have the pink box again this month which is as beautiful as ever. This colour just…

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    E’lifexir – The Miracle Cream To Solve All Our Body Woes?

    I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to beauty products making bold claims as I’ve not had the greatest experiences in the past: “Gradual Tan = look like you’ve dragged a teabag down your limbs!” These creams and gels don’t actually claim to be miracle workers but with name like “Flat Tummy” and “Body Lift” I know people would get excited and expect them to be! E’lifexir promote themselves as the “Next Generation of Natural Body Care Products” with 99% of their ingredients being totally natural. They are vegan friendly and contain no nasties, are also hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. I was asked which of…

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    May Glossybox Review

    This month was a special edition box and it was SO pretty! I keep all the special edition boxes so I’m sure this one will find a new home as something else at some point. This box was definitely a pamper one which was really nice, I actually had to take time out to try some of the products rather than fitting them in to my usual daily routine like a normally would. So let’s just have a recap on what was in the box: I’ve got to admit, I do feel a little bit cheated this month as there were technically 5 products and an “Extra treat” I feel…

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    April Glossybox Review

    I really do love receiving my Glossybox each month, you get such a variation of products to try and some of them you wouldn’t pick up yourself in store. This month was very much a makeup filled box which I always manage to use pretty quickly so it hasn’t taken long for me to review the items really.

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    April Glossybox Reveal

    I’ve been getting Glossyboxes for a whole year! It’s my blog’s birthday this month and one of the first posts I done was a Glossybox review: https://afterbabyblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/24/my-first-glossybox/ I’ve loved getting these boxes and I’ve tried so many products that I would have never picked up myself! This month I had my first ever repeat though which is disappointing though.

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    March Wish Buys

    Many of you may have seen or heard about Wish. It’s a shopping app and quite frankly, my new addiction! You can buy pretty much anything on there and most of it comes from East Asia and is ridiculously cheap. We all know that cheap isn’t always good but I’ve got to say, I’ve been pretty impressed with most of the things I’ve bought. I’ve only had one thing that I wasn’t happy with which was a phone case, the printing was really dodgy but when you’ve only spent £1 on it you’re not really too bothered! So here’s my little haul of things I’ve bought throughout March that I…