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My Diary is my lifestyle section. This is for all the posts that don't conform to any of the other categories. They could be about anything from mental and physical health to body positivity. Also, open letters and basic ramblings. It's just whatever takes my fancy. My Diary is where you will find posts about me. Little snippets of information so you can learn about the blogger behind the keyboard. So if you require a little bit of light reading then this is the section for you. If there is anything you think I could write about then feel free to contact me!

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    Things I Don’t Like About Christmas

    Christmas is nearly upon us and I’ve been a bit lazy with blogging. Well not lazy, I’ve still been around on social media promoting. I just haven’t thought of an appropriate post given the time of year. I’ve had a couple of revelations in the last couple of days though. I love Christmas but there’s a couple of things that bug me about it so I thought I’d share them…. *Warning* potentially unpopular opinions ahead… The first thing I don’t like about Christmas: It starts too early! I’m sorry but I don’t want to see Christmas cards on shelves as soon as the kids have gone back to school! I…

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    Calorie Counting Scales Review – Stellar Kitchenware

    Calorie counting scales sound like a dream! But are they worth their weight? (See what I did there?) I got given the opportunity to find out! I stopped following a particular diet plan over 6 months ago now. You can read why HERE. I’ve put on a little bit of weight again but I’m not overly bothered. I do manage to maintain and lose a bit of weight when I want to, but I do it through calorie counting. There’s a lot more flexibility with calorie counting and it just makes sense! Don’t get me wrong, the diet plan worked but I don’t think it’s maintainable in the long run.…

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    A Lazy Girls Christmas Gift Guide

    I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas! I swear this year has literally flown by. I was going to do a family christmas gift guide but I actually don’t know what to get my family for Christmas. One thing I do know, most of my shopping will be done online! I am a self-proclaimed lazy girl as written about HERE and HERE. Yes, my laziness is helping towards the death of the high street. But honestly, do people actually enjoy being stuck in massive queues in stuffy shops? Not being able to find what you are looking for? I personally couldn’t think of anything worse. So this is my guide to…

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    Crossroads Tendring & Colchester – My Job And An Afternoon Tea

    I don’t post much about my day to day life on a personal level so this post is a little different to normal. Not many people know what I do for a living. It’s not that I hide it or anything, it just never comes up in my blogging/social media world. Well, I work for an amazing charity based in a village on the outskirts of my home town. Crossroads Tendring & Colchester are a care company offering respite breaks to full time carers, young and old. There’s some shocking statistics when it comes to care such as 1 in 4 people will care for someone they love in their…

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    10 Unique Things About Me Challenge

    I was tagged by Jen at The Frozen Mind to complete the 10 Unique Things About Me challenge. Like Jen, I don’t know if I can think of 10 things that are unique about me. I really don’t think I’m that interesting but I’ll give it a go anyway. 10 Unique Things About Me 1. I have to have baked beans separate to other food. I can’t have the bean juice touching anything else on my plate. The only exception to this rule is if I can make a chip barrier or beans on toast… But then I don’t put the beans on the toast, I have them next to…

  • My Top 5 Pet Peeves With Blogging
    My Diary

    My Top 5 Pet Peeves With Blogging

    Let me start by saying, I love blogging! It’s a fantastic hobby/job and I love everything that goes along with it. There are some things that really grind my gears though so I thought I’d share some with you. You can read my previous post about the things I wish I’d known when I first started blogging here. But for now, here’s my little rant; Pet Peeves With Blogging! 1. No one believes how hard you work. I will admit, I was guilty of this before I started blogging myself. It looks so easy but it’s really not! Yes, we mainly write about subjects that interest us so can find…

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    Date Night In A Small Town – What We Do

    As parents, we don’t often get chance to go out by ourselves. Children take up a lot of time and you can read more about our toddler here. When the opportunity does arise, we certainly try to make the most of it! We live in a small seaside town and to be quite honest, as with most small towns, there’s not much to do. We have a couple of bowling places, a cinema, and a few restaurants. Trying to find something to do for Date Night usually sees us going to one of the nearby, larger towns. Our little cinema is an absolute bargain though. It’s £3.50 a ticket! Even…

  • Starting a bullet journal
    My Diary

    Starting A Bullet Journal – What It Is And Why You Need One

    I’ve been looking at starting a Bullet Journal for ages now. I’d seen other bloggers talking about them and I genuinely had to Google what they were. I was amazed at some of the designs I saw! They all looked so pretty, of course I wanted to join in! I started a board on Pinterest full of little doodles and scripts. So by the time mine arrived I had loads of ideas on what I wanted to do! What Is A Bullet Journal? This is the most common question I’ve been asked, what is a bullet journal? It’s whatever you want it to be really. A planner, a diary or…

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    5 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Blogging

    I had a bit of a wobble with blogging this week and wanted to pack it all in. This post has been in my notes for a while so I thought it was the perfect time to post it. Here’s what I wish I’d known at the start. I only started blogging because quite frankly, I’m lazy. My Instagram page had amounted a few thousand followers and I was bored of repeatedly writing the same recipes. My idea was to be able to direct people straight to my blog when they asked for something. It was also the place I could write about anything else I wanted too. I had…

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    My Diary

    10 Self-Care Ideas To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

    I’ve started a Positivity Challenge over on Instagram this week and I’m hoping to make it a monthly thing. I think positivity and self-care go hand in hand and not enough people make time for themselves. I’m not a mental health blogger and I definitely don’t profess to be an expert but I am one of the 1 in 4 people that has/has had issues with their mental health. I’m generally in a good place these days, I have amazing people around me, a job that I enjoy and life is good. That’s not always been the case though and I do still have what I call “down days” where…